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VIDEO: How to design/build LOFT STAIRS for your tiny house that MEET CODE

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This is a video-based post that will show you how to design/build loft stairs for your tiny house that meet code.

In it, Andrew Bennett, owner of Core Housing Solutions, and a tiny house builder for many years now shares how to do just that. Enjoy!

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How to design/build your tiny house loft stairs to meet code

You’ll learn what the minimum ceiling height under your loft should be (it’s 77 inches or 6’4″). The first step from the loft, referred to as the landing, needs to have a 54″ minimum of space between it and the ceiling. Learn more…

VIDEO – How to calculate tiny house loft stairs

Our big thanks to Andrew Bennett/YouTube for sharing and James D. for the tip!🙏

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • Robert Aulicky
    June 21, 2019, 7:57 pm

    As a stair builder for 55 years, I take the codes as a design tool. I believe in the video you miss quoted the headroom at the landing with regards to the slope line measured vertically connecting the tread or landing platform nosing in the middle of their widths AQ104.2.1.2. You also might want to reread AQ4.2.1.3 again. The tread depth shall be 1) 20″ minus 4/3 of the riser height, not 3/4; the riser height shall be 2) 15″ minus 3/4 of the tread depth. Nor did you cover the width of the stairway AQ104.2.1.1 or guards AQ104.2.1.6. Please if you are going to give information to the public it should be presented complete and correctly. What does the DOT have to do with building Code under the ICC?

    • James D.
      June 22, 2019, 12:34 am

      Looks like he downloaded and incorrect copy of the code. Another commentator on youtube pointed it out too. He should hopefully redo the video soon.

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