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THOW in the Meadow: Tiny Living in Germany

When Tina and her partner went in different directions, it left her with a tough decision to make: Leave their barn home and sell her animals, or find someway to live on pasture with her herd of sheep and goats (and her cats and dogs)?

Tiny living was the perfect solution! With the help of her dad, she built a tiny home from the trailer-up for about 20,000 EUR (~$24,500) and gets her water/electricity from a nearby barn while living in the meadow with her flock. She (@tiny.tohuwabohu on Instagram) has everything she needs and didn’t have to sacrifice her animals to get it.

Inside her home she has a full kitchen, bathroom with composting toilet, and a loft bedroom. She even has a front porch from which she can see her animals and the lovely countryside. We got to interview her, so be sure to read the Q&A at the end of the post!

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Her DIY THOW in Germany for under $25K

Majestic spring blooms outside her THOW

What a precious front porch, and a tiny dog house, too!

Look up to see the amazing skylight!

Leather pulls on her cabinets, and a little oven.

Amazing dry good storage! How cute.

Mugs and plants: Stuff we all need!

Her bathroom with a composting toilet.

That walk-in shower looks amazing!

Up in her cozy loft bedroom.

Keeping warm by the wood-burning stove.

How it all started…

And look where it’s taken her!

Her little herd right beside her little home.


Interview with Tina: Tiny Life in Germany

Where are you from?

Saxony, Germany

How did you first become seriously interested in tiny homes?

Three years ago I lived on an old farm with my former partner. But as things change, sometimes the way does not go together. However, I was already the proud owner of a small stock of sheep and goats, two cats and a dog. So I looked for possibilities to walk my way with my animals. A small apartment in the city was out of question for me.

What type of tiny house do you have or are you working on?

Since September 2019 I live in a mobile tiny house. I bought a trailer with 3 axes and built it on my own together with good friends and my dad. He’s my hero, we spend so many hours building it together. No building company was included. We just hired a plumber and some professionals to finish the roof.

Why did you go tiny? What are you hoping to get out of it for yourself?

I wanted to find a way to live a minimalistic lifestyle, independent and close to my herd and pets. And I’m proud to say I was very successful 😉 I’ve never been happier.

How long did it take you to finish your tiny house?

Started in October 2018, moved in September 2019

How much did it end up costing you to build it?

Less than 20.000 Euro all together, including everything from trailer to interior.

How did you figure out where to put it? Do you keep it in one place or do you move around?

I keep it in place, but if I want I can move to a different place. Luckily I was able to put it on the meadow of my herd. Water and electricity is coming from the barn.

What’s been the most challenging part about your tiny house so far?

In Germany we have MAAANY regulations about size and weight and transportation in the road… I was obliged not to exceed the weight of 3.5 metric tons. So little creativity in design and material.

What benefits are you experiencing from it so far?

Perfect downsized lifestyle, pure happiness, calm location, connection to nature and animals. I don’t miss anything, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, fridge, freezer, oven, hot plate, composting toilet, shower, fireplace. Best thing skylight window.

What helpful piece of advice would you give to others who are interested in going tiny? What mistakes could you help them avoid?

Take your time to inform yourself, especially about the rules of your country, take your time, look for help and be brave enough to go for it 🙂

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Our big thanks to Tina for sharing! 🙏

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Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee is a contributor for Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter. She's a wife, and mama of three little kids. She and her family are homesteaders with sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and quail on their happy little acre.

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  • Donna E. Bozza
    October 26, 2020, 5:31 pm

    Never surrender! She was not defeated but instead found the life she wanted. Uplifting!

    • Natalie C. McKee
      October 28, 2020, 8:03 am


  • Susan Harter
    October 26, 2020, 9:42 pm

    Your place looks so peaceful especially with your animals. You did a beautiful job of decorating and I love your bathroom. Good job! From one tiny house owner to another, I understand how completely happy you can feel with less! Bless you! Susan Harter

  • Hudson
    October 26, 2020, 10:14 pm

    So glad this worked out for her!

    • Natalie C. McKee
      October 28, 2020, 8:02 am

      Me too!

  • Marsha Cowan
    October 27, 2020, 11:23 am

    What a wonderful story of overcoming obstacles to be where you are happy and where is best for you. The home is absolutely amazing, especially the setting. I like your use of pallets as a porch. The shower is so cool! All the decoration and colors are beautiful. It’s a great job and I hope y0u can enjoy it for many years to come : )

  • Sophia
    October 27, 2020, 10:00 pm

    Beautiful home. Very creative and so peaceful!

  • Suzanne Fortin
    May 11, 2021, 9:39 am

    Vraiment jolie, je vais m’en inspirer quand je vendrai ma trop grande maison au Québec.
    Mais en Allemagne il peut faire un peu froid!! alors qu’en est-il de l’isolation?
    Pour l’eau et toilette?

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