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Their Class B Motorhome Renovation

This is the story of a 1989 Ford Champion Transvan that was purchased and renovated by @justinjmorris and @aubernutter. More recently, they built out this Transit van with double murphy beds.

But what do you think of Class B motorhomes like this one? They seem like a pretty good place to start for tiny living, don’t they? And they allow you to get around and explore with your own cozy micro-home that goes with you.

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Their 1989 Ford Champion Transvan Renovation

A little campervan renovation project is no small task, it’s a pretty big commitment, and can oftentimes lead to unexpected problems to solve.

But if you’re determined enough, you can get it done. And if you’re careful, you can start with an easy to renovate project with little to no headaches or surprises. But it’s not wise to expect that, especially if you’re getting a good deal. 🙂

Get ready to get your hands dirty. And keep your mask on (for dust purposes).

It’s hard work, and it can be uncomfortable, but in the end, you can wind up with something awesome to enjoy for years to come.

VIDEO – Their 1989 Ford Transvan Class B Motorhome Van Conversion


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  • David Avid
    November 8, 2020, 6:59 pm

    Best of luck to you on your van project. The longer you own it, the smarter you will get. For a 31 yo van, your main issue will be getting parts. I owned a ’93 Ford. I know. Your second issue will be keeping all of the RV stuff working (water and electrical). After owning 3 travel vans, an old RV, and two 40′ buses, I have settled on the perfect vehicle for me. A 2012 GMC 16′ box van. They make a 12′ version also. My advice is to get the newest possible vehicle you can afford as a blank slate. You will be amazed how little of the “RV” stuff you need to travel comfortably.

  • Theresa Perdue
    November 9, 2020, 2:49 am

    This looks like it’s going to be interesting and hopefully fun to keep watching.

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