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The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House For Sale in WA

Check out this awesome new house for sale:

The Wabi-sabi tiny house was built in 2018 in Terrebonne and Portland, Oregon. The shell was built with the help of professional builders at @harmonwickedwoodworking. The owner then finished the interior with lots of hand-crafted love. The design employs a multi-level design, with the main room raised by 22″. This creates drop-downs into the the bathroom and kitchen, with the two lofts creating a third level. The tiny tea nook looking out a large window below the secondary loft adds even another level. Combined with the hardwood French Doors, dropped axles for 4 extra inches of height, an abundance of windows, the levels make the house feel spacious. An added bonus is that there is a huge space under the main floor for storage.

Pictures and builder contact are below after the photo tour!

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Tiny Home w/ Custom Woodwork for Sale: $80K

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 24

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

Couch under casement windows and the mini-split.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 12

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

The living room is up higher than the kitchen, with storage underneath.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 11

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

That ladder leads to the loft lounge area.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 10

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

Here’s a panorama to show you the loft.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 9

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

There’s a skylight for additional lighting.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 7

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

The kitchen with exposed beams.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 13

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

The bathroom on the other side of the house.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 8

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

There’s a projector screen for movie night.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 5

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

Some aerial rings if you want to get energy out.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 4

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

Super cool fan.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 3

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

The secondary loft has two levels.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 1

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

Railings keep you safe on the stairs.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 2

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

Office area looks out.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 14

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

I imagine you’ll get a good breeze.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 15

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

Beautiful farmhouse sink.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 16

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

Here’s the loft.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 17

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

Subway tile shower.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 19

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

Composting toilet.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 20

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

Stunning doors let you enjoy nice weather.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 23

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

There’s more not-insulated storage here.

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 22

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

What do you think?

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 21

Images via Ramsel Ruiz


  • $80k
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Located in Everson, WA
  • Efficient mini-split for heating and cooling.
  • There is a backup propane heater in case the electricity goes out.
  • ERV for air circulation.
  • 20in 4 burner stove with oven. Did not skimp on the oven.
  • Large (for a tiny) fridge combo
  • Small washer/dryer combo. Every now and then I’ll go to the laundromat.
  • 4gpm Tankless water heater.
  • Projector and 72in screen
  • Ring security system
  • Triple-axled with dropped axles installed
  • 51” bedroom loft at the highest point
  • Main floor raised 19”: 8’x7’x19” storage area underneath
  • Other hidden cubbies elsewhere
  • Small coat closet
  • Bedroom wardrobe in the bedroom
  • Mini non-insulated shed sits on the trailer tongue
  • Main bedroom loft is a very spacious 10’x10’, with two large 5’x2.5’ windows.
  • Reading/tea drinking/movie watching nook with a large casement window looking out the front of the house, which leads to the secondary loft that works well as a lounge.
  • Live-edge Chestnut countertop
  • 5’ shower enclosure and sink
  • Standard composting toilet setup is enclosed in maple hardwood
  • Full-body mirror is hung on the sliding door
  • Copper piping is exposed here and there and the shower ceiling is made from epoxied cherry and maple.
  • All fixtures come with the house

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Our big thanks to Ramsel for sharing!🙏

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Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee is a contributor for Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter. She's a wife, and mama of three little kids. She and her family are homesteaders with sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and quail on their happy little acre.
{ 7 comments… add one }
  • Brenda Foster
    July 17, 2021, 10:59 am

    Many good technical features, but definitely a build for the athletic at heart. Stairs, stairs, steps, steps. It has such good potential, but seems challenging, and chopped up. Although a nice place, it would not make my list, especially for the price. And yes, I know it has quality, high end features, but I would like it a bit more livable.

  • LargeMarge
    July 17, 2021, 11:56 am

    I think the different levels and textures add tremendous visual interest.
    Thank you for ‘rails’ on your stairs, functional without interfering; the vertical lines pull the curious eye toward the discovery of… (‘oh, that is intriguing!’).
    Cast-iron skillets!
    In a usable kitchen!
    With plenty of usable counters!
    Visible condiments and spices for immediate/constant inventory!
    The name ‘Wabi-Sabi’ (“perfection marred by the builder’s humanity” or “beauty from aged utility”) easily earns TheLargeMarge SealOfApproval.

    • Natalie C. McKee
      July 19, 2021, 2:09 pm

      I am all about cast-iron! It’s all I use in my tiny kitchen.

  • RV NUT
    July 17, 2021, 1:54 pm

    Ok. This is not something I have ever seen or a plan I would immediately go with for my tiny home but I must admit that I like it. The use of levels add interest to the space while at the same time making the use of height for storage, and to minimize the amount of stairs/steps to get into the lofts. I enjoy the separations between the space and the coziness it provides. There are a few modifications I would add and things I would replace in the bathroom and maybe some staining here and there but other than that I could live here. I wish it was closer to me so that I can see it in person.

  • Alison
    July 18, 2021, 2:34 pm

    Looks like they’ve cushioned the lid of the composting toilet to make it a comfy place to sit. It also doesn’t look toiletty. Good idea, and one I’m surprised we don’t see more often. I also like the transition to the secondary loft; it serves as a step and also a lounge chair. Good ideas here, and a good way to get the most out of the space.

    • Natalie C. McKee
      July 19, 2021, 1:59 pm

      Sometimes it’s nice to “go” in comfort, haha.

  • Victoria A Banaszak
    July 20, 2021, 2:47 am

    I like the outside and the fan other than that it seems to cluttered to be comfortable.

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