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Movable Roots’ Coastal Gem: The Tiny Wave Tiny Home

In the world of tiny homes, customization is key, and one builder stands out for their commitment to turning their clients’ dreams into reality.

Movable Roots, known for their craftsmanship and creativity, recently completed a stunning coastal-themed tiny home named “The Tiny Wave” that perfectly encapsulates the essence of coastal living.

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through this remarkable tiny home, exploring its unique features and Movable Roots’ dedication to their clients’ visions.

Selling the House, Chasing the Dream: The Tiny Wave Journey

Making the Move: From Minnesota to Florida

The Moga family had a dream – to embrace the coastal lifestyle in sunny Florida. They envisioned a tiny home that would seamlessly blend with the coastal environment, and Movable Roots was just the team to bring their dream to life. Leaving behind their standard foundation home in Minnesota, the Mogas embarked on a new adventure, and The Tiny Wave became their coastal sanctuary.

Exterior: Waves of Inspiration

The exterior of The Tiny Wave immediately captures the essence of coastal living. Movable Roots’ design team took the Moga family’s vision and transformed it into reality. The most striking feature is a custom metal-inspired “wave” adorning the exterior, cleverly integrated with coastal-themed cedar shake siding. A retractable 20-foot wide awning offers shade during Florida’s scorching summers, ensuring comfort year-round.

One can’t help but notice the custom-designed storage area for two kayaks, allowing the Mogas to safely stow their watercraft. This thoughtful addition ensures that their outdoor adventures are never far from home.

Interior: Coastal Comfort Meets Clever Design

The interior of The Tiny Wave reflects the coastal theme while prioritizing functionality. Bright coastal colors, large windows, and skylights infuse the space with a relaxed, coastal feel. The kitchen, strategically designed around the Moga’s preference for a large refrigerator, is a testament to Movable Roots’ commitment to customizing every aspect of their tiny homes.

To accommodate their curious feline companions, the cabinetry extends to the ceiling, providing additional storage space and keeping the cats from reaching the top.

The loft area, designed to serve as an office, cleverly integrates a “foot hole” in the floor for comfortable desk seating.

The bathroom, larger than most apartment bathrooms, boasts custom tile work in the shower and a vessel sink that continues the coastal theme. It also houses a stackable washer and dryer, and a well-thought-out litter box placement with a “cat door” and additional vent fan ensures the comfort of the furry family members.

Master Bedroom: Style Meets Functionality

Inspired by Movable Roots’ Lee Model Design closet space, the Moga’s bedroom features a built-in storage queen bed frame with custom cabinetry above it. The not-so-tiny closet space includes six generous drawers for folded clothes, hanging space for various wardrobe options, and a lighted glass door cabinet for showcasing valuables.


Starting at $155,000, The Tiny Wave is an investment in a lifestyle that blends luxury with compact living. The price tag for the pictured model is $185,000, reflecting the extensive customization and attention to detail that Movable Roots brings to each project.

Video Tour: Custom Tiny Wave Home by Movable Roots

In conclusion, Movable Roots has once again demonstrated their ability to turn its clients’ dreams into reality with “The Tiny Wave.” This coastal-themed tiny home showcases their dedication to customization, clever design, and craftsmanship. It’s a testament to the fact that even in a tiny space, you can live large and experience luxury.


  • Custom coastal-themed tiny home: “The Tiny Wave” by Movable Roots fulfills the Moga family’s coastal living vision.
  • Unique exterior design: Features a custom metal “wave,” cedar shake siding, and a retractable awning.
  • Thoughtful storage solutions: Custom kayak storage and cleverly designed exterior.
  • Coastal-inspired interior: Bright colors, large windows, and skylights create a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Functional pet-friendly design: Ceiling-high cabinetry to keep cats away, spacious bathroom with custom features.
  • Master bedroom excellence: Built-in storage, generous wardrobe space, and display cabinet.
  • Pricing: Starts at $155,000, with the pictured model at $185,000.
  • Conclusion: “The Tiny Wave” showcases Movable Roots’ dedication to customization, smart design, and craftsmanship for coastal living in a compact space.

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