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Meet the Longnecker Family, they are a family of six that travel full-time in their 1972 Airstream travel trailer.

Starting next week (October 1st) they are hosting a 5-day challenge to help you plan your first boondocking trip.

Get more details below, take a virtual tour of their Airstream tiny home, and please re-share this story on your Facebook to help us spread the word. Thank you!🙏

This Family of 6 is Living and Traveling Full Time in Their 1972 Airstream Trailer!

Family of 6 Traveling Full-Time in 1972 Airstream-001

Images via Jonathan and Ashley Longnecker

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This is a civil war themed tiny house on wheels with a piano bed!

Shorty Robbins built a civil war themed Tiny House to use during reenactments and loved it so much, she sold her big house and moved in!1

Can you imagine living in a tiny house with your own favorite theme? You could! What would be your tiny home’s theme?

Woman’s Civil War Theme Tiny House with a Piano Murphy Bed!

Shortys Civil War theme Victorian Tiny House on Wheels 001

© Shorty Robbins/Associates

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This is the ESCAPE Vintage Matthew Model Tiny House.

It’s a customized version of the ESCAPE Vintage that was designed and built for one of the experienced carpenters over at ESCAPE.

Now it’s a model that you can actually order from the company. What do you think of it?

ESCAPE Vintage Matthew Model Tiny House

Escape Vintage Matthew Model Tiny House on Wheels 001

Images © ESCAPE

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