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Merry Christmas from all of us at Tiny House Talk! To celebrate the day, we have an awesome video from Jenna at Tiny House Giant Journey. She and her family recently purchased an adorable Vardo-style tiny house to use for vacations, and you’ll get a tour of the micro space below. The house was originally hand-built by a talented craftsman, but he was ready to sell it after it had been in storage for a couple of years.

You’ll also get to see adorable footage of Jenna’s baby son, Finch! Her friends and family help her decorate the Vardo with tons of lights and Santa statues, and you won’t want to miss it.

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Meet Jenna’s New Baby — and Her New Vardo!

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This gorgeous handcrafted vardo-style tiny house is for sale for $55K in Washington. It’s much bigger than many of the vardos we see, and has a kitchenette, dining area, bathroom (with composting toilet and shower), as well as a fixed queen-sized bed in the back of the trailer.

An electric oil-filled marine heater will keep the well-insulated place warm, but there’s also a mini wood stove you can cook on or use as an alternate heat source. What do you think of this space?

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104-Square-Foot Vardo for $55K in WA

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This 1800s vardo was once used in movies — perhaps even on the set of “The Wizard of Oz” — and is now a cozy Airbnb decked out with vintage boho decor.

The inside has a comfortable bed and sitting area, and there’s an adjacent bathhouse complete with a gorgeously-tiled shower. A stone patio has a fun umbrella and sitting chairs, as well as a hot tub for your enjoyment. Thanks, James D., for sending us this story!

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1800s Caravan, Now a Boho-Styled Micro Cottage

Vintage Movie Vardo w Boho Decor. 8

Images via Adrian/Airbnb

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Emily fell in love with tiny homes after reading a book by Deek Diedricksen, but it took going to a tiny house festival with her husband, Dan, to get him on board. After that, they spent a week camping to see if they could do it, and decided tiny living was for them!

That’s when they built out their amazing 50 square foot vardo, which holds absolutely everything the couple owns. It includes a composting toilet (made from her old hope chest!), an induction cooktop, and a residential ac to keep things comfortable.

This is such a lovely couple, which you’ll see from the video from Tiny Home Tours.

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Empty Nesters Make a Home in their Micro THOW!

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Built by FRC Tiny Homes in Alberta, Canada, this Vardo camper is being sold by Linda for $13,500. Update: sold!

The exterior is painted an adorable Robin’s Egg Blue with creamy vanilla trim, while the inside has natural pine-clad walls filled with spray foam insulation.

It has a metal roof and electrical hook ups, as well as a mini-porch! Check out the pictures and details below.

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FRC Tiny Homes Vardo Camper for Sale (Sold!)

image1 (1)

Images via Linda

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This is the Marchagane Tiny House on Wheels by Ty Rodou, a French tiny home builder. This unit has a vardo-style with it’s low-profile, design, and trailer that it’s built on.

There’s an outdoor kitchenette in the covered porch just over the hitch of the trailer. Pretty cool, right? There’s also a bump-out on the other side of the home to give you a little bit of extra space. I love this!

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Vardo-style Marchagane Tiny House on Wheels by Ty Rodou with an Outdoor Kitchenette

Vardo-style Marchagane Tiny House on Wheels by Ty Rodou

Images © Ty Rodou

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This is Lou’s handcrafted vardo tiny house travel trailer that’s for sale out of Why, Arizona. UPDATE: Price lowered to $15,000!

Lou Brochetti is selling his somewhat famous hand-crafted vardo-style travel trailer. Lou used to be a builder of custom wood boats. All that skill and care went into the construction of his trailer home.

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Hand-Built Vardo Tiny House Travel Trailer For Sale in Why, Arizona

Lou Brochetti Vardo Style Tiny House Travel Trailer For Sale

Images via Lou Brochetti

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This is a 10ft Tiny House on Wheels built by Chris of Tiny Industrial.

It’s a 40 sq. ft. micro cabin on a trailer and it’s listed for sale on eBay.

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40 Sq. Ft. Micro Cabin on Wheels by Tiny Industrial

© Tiny Industrial

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This is a 12′ expanding car-towable gypsy wagon called the “Fat Gypsy” designed and built by Edmund Peter Sylvester.

It’s an update to his original gypsy wagon design as originally seen here. Below are possible interior finishes with design elements of a traditional gypsy wagon/vardo/caravan.

12′ Expanding Car-Towable Gypsy Wagon

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