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Not sure if you have already heard, but Tom Green, the famous comedian, has joined van life in 2020 with a Rocinante Boho Van, which is a Ram ProMaster 2500 high roof 159″ van converted into a camper by Boho Camper Vans out of Tempe, Arizona who we included them in our list of van builders, if you want to check that out later too.

What’s unique about this van conversion versus many others is that this one is designed to serve as a recording studio for Tom Green, where he creates music, podcasts, and other productions. With the van, he’s able to safely travel and explore, even during our current times, he’s even recently made it to Texas and has appeared as a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience, where he tells all about his new van life.

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Famous Comedian’s RAM ProMaster 2500 Van Conversion by Boho Camper Vans

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Looking to get into van life, but not quite into converting a van yourself? No worries, that’s why there are van conversions already for sale, and that’s also why there are companies completely dedicated to converting vans for people like you, completely custom, too.

But you might also find, that for some people (maybe you?) a van conversion project wouldn’t be all that difficult, and it could potentially save you quite a lot of money to build it out yourself, as you’ll soon see when you look at prices for these vans, especially amidst the 2020’s when more people than ever are more likely looking into such vehicles so that they can travel in their own space.

So just like we have a list of tiny house builders, we thought it was appropriate to start and build a list of van conversion companies. So here it is! We’ve also included a few companies that specialize in accessories and components for DIYers as well as professional van builders, as well as a few classified ads websites that specialize in the resale of such vehicles (van conversions). But for the most part, what you’ll find down here is a large list of van builders. Is there someone out there that we missed that you think should have made it to this list? Not to worry friend, you can send me a little note about it at the bottom of this page. 🙂

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Our List of Top Van Builders in the World!*

THT Van Builders

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Sierra loves trail running, and choosing vanlife allowed her and her dog snow to follow the mountains and hit the trails instead of staying apartment-bound in Seattle.

Her home features gorgeous woodwork throughout, a hidden propane stove with a neat sliding countertop, and a spice shelf that Sierra just loves!

Enjoy the video tour with Allison from Tiny Home Tours below!

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Their Trail-Chasing Life in a Dodge Promaster Van

Sierra & Snow Hit the Trails in their ProMaster Van

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is a family-friendly van conversion with bunk beds and second row seating that’s for sale via Rocky Mountain Campers over at Van Life Trader.

Second row of seats is legal DOT approved as this was a passenger van. Will be sold with a triple or double for the second row to buyer preference. Therefore legally carries 4 or 5 passengers.

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Family-style Van Conversion with Bunk Beds

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This is the story of a professional windsurfers’ van conversion tiny home, which allows him to travel and compete in the World Championship for Windsurfing.

For many people, vans and other forms of tiny homes are essential tools so that we can live our dream lives, whatever that definition may be.

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He Uses This Van To Live And Travel As A Professional Windsurfer!

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This is a 1999 Winnebago Volkswagen Eurovan Camper in Phoenix, Arizona for $24,500 USD, according to the listing on Van Life Trader. The website also features several other interesting van conversions and unique motorhomes that are for sale.

So take a look below and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments. Do you like this van? Is it a good deal? The odometer readers 182,500 miles but it has a VR6 2.8L engine that was rebuilt at 157,225 miles. It features gray cloth seats, sleeps up to four people, and fits in a regular size garage. What do you think? Have you ever wanted one of these? They’re pretty sweet!

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Volkswagen EuroVan Camper Conversion by Winnebago… Sleeps Four And Fits In A Garage

Volkswagen EuroVan Camper Conversion by Winnebago Sleeps Four Fits in Garage via Van Life Trader 001

Images via Van Life Trader

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This is to announce that Molecule Tiny Homes is offering van conversions. They start at $25,000 if you supply your own van. To show you what they can do, they’re built out a 2019 Ford Transit 250 that you can see below.

It features a complete solar system, a custom, space-saving, slide-out bed, a full shower in the rear, a slide-out composting toilet, a gas heater, a fireplace, water tanks, a pump system, and more… Offered for $48,000. What do you think?

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Solar-Powered Van Conversion by Molecule Tiny Homes

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You may be familiar with Mat and Danielle and their incredible Exploring Alternatives YouTube channel, where they show us an array of inspiring stories, not to mention, their own. So this is how they built out their second van conversion.

They went with a used 2015 Ford Transit van with a high roof and 148″ wheelbase. Once they got it, they started by adding a couple of windows, gathering natural and non-toxic materials for the build, and preparing the van for the conversion. They used things like hemp for insulation and cork for flooring. You’ll get to learn all about it right here in this post! Enjoy…

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How They Converted Their 2015 Ford Transit High Top Into A DIY Dream Tiny Home

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This is the story of how a 1989 Ford camper van has been modified and modernized into an off-grid solar motor camper. Or as Sharrieff Fareed of the DualEx/YouTube Channel calls it, an off-grid solar tiny house in a van.

So he acquired the van and used his DIY skills to carefully convert it into a modern tiny home (in a van) for a total of only $3,500 (including the cost of buying the van) and then turned around and sold it for $12,000 (after several months). You can always see what he’s up to next on his YouTube, Instagram, and website where he offers his Campervan Conversion Guide eBook.

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Modernized 1989 Ford Camper Van Tiny House Built For $3,500

DualEx Builds Rehabs Class B Van For Only 3500usd via DualEx YouTube 001

Images via DualEx/YouTube

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