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Ram ProMaster City Van Conversion: Weekender Camper by Voyager Conversions

This is a 2020 Ram ProMaster City Van Conversion by Voyager Conversions. It’s the Weekender Camper model.

This conversion is like a cross between car camping and van life. The interior layout is different than their Outback Model. What do you think? Would you consider one of these?

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2020 Ram ProMaster City Van Conversion by Voyager Conversions

Have you ever considered a small van conversion like this?

It’s easy to drive, park, and gets 28 mpg on the highway.

You may have seen their other model, the Outback. This one is laid out differently.

It sacrifices a little bed space to give you access to all of the utilities while inside the van.

And it easily converts into seating for daytime use.

With the other unit, you access the kitchen and cooler from the rear doors.

So what do you think?

They use the awesome Jackery power banks for power storage.

If you like this van, be sure to check out their other layout too here.

Rooftop solar system. This can easily be used to keep your Jackery Explorer 1000 juiced up. 🙂


  • Sits and sleeps two
  • Built-in sink
  • Alpicooler cooler
  • Propane cooktop
  • Storage throughout
  • Fan
  • Electric outlets and LED lighting
  • 28 MPH on the highway
  • Tow hitch package
  • Back-Up Camera
  • Advanced Airbag System
  • Jackery Power Station
  • $37,900 via Van Life Trader (link below)
Our Weekender Camper is the perfect starter van. Designed for a single person or duo, this easy-to-drive vehicle has the capacity to seat and sleep up to two people. Made to last, the Ram ProMaster City® has best-in-class horsepower with a full factory warranty.* Engineered for safety and security, your van can be serviced at any OEM dealer across the country.
With a couch that folds out into a comfortable bed, a built-in sink and extra storage for your gear, this thoughtfully designed van is ideal for the efficient adventurer!

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What do you think of this van conversion? What would you use it for? I could see a variety of uses for something like this, including for traveling videographers, photographers, YouTubers, and other creators. It’s the ultimate travel vehicle! 

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{ 2 comments… add one }
  • jerry dycus
    February 23, 2021, 8:26 am

    Sleeps 2? I don’t think so. Raise it up 6″ and lower the cabinets and go all the way across maybe.
    This is a nice unit for 1 person to live in, very low cost and easy to build and 1 of 2 choices for me new aero camper on the back of my S10 230 mile range EV.
    And has fairly comfortable seating, easy storage under it.
    My other choice is sleeping across instead of lengthwise if it is wide enough. that will leave a lot of room for other things.
    It’s designed so plywood can be carried without moving anything as will still be used as a truck 95% of the time.

  • Nancy M.
    February 23, 2021, 1:01 pm

    My father made a camper van 50+ years ago. He took a cargo van, and added only one permanent component — the ice chest, which was right behind the driver’s seat. For that, he made a wood box, heavily insulated the interior, then lined the inside with metal, put a drain in, with a plug, The rest of the furnishings were all units that could be moved in and out in order to continue to accommodate the farm, as well as serving as a camping van for the family. The things that were added in various stand-alone units included two slanted-back benches (storage underneath), table (which became part of the bed), a kitchen unit which was placed at the back (and included storage for camper stove, plates, etc., the tub which we used as a sink, water jug, food storage, etc.). It slept three comfortably, and was long enough that my father, who was 6’3″ was comfortable. On one trip, my parents drove to New York from Ohio to pick me and my baby up at the airport to bring us home, and we all slept comfortably in the van, though we added a pad on top of the kitchen unit for the baby to sleep on. Wish I had some pics, but that was over 50 years ago….

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