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We’ve introduced you to boho.life and their awesome van rental service, but did you know when they are ready to retire fleetmembers, they sell them? As of June 20, 2022, their “billie” van will be up for grabs and can be your new van home.

If you’re not into DIY but still want to enjoy #vanlife, this is a great choice. Their vans are professionally converted and as you can see below, have all the bells and whistles! This one is selling for $89,000.

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boho.life is Selling One of Their Awesome Vans!

Billie Sandstone Pearl Ram Promaster For Sale

Images by boho.life

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Elliot’s van is honestly a marvel of van engineering! Not only did he do everything “differently” than the norm, he did it well. You’ll find a queen-sized Murphy bed, 8 feet of counter space, no garage, and one powerful power system made possible by Tesla batteries.

He lived in the van from the summer of 2020 until recently and has put the van up for sale (asking $110K). Update: now sold. Follow him on Instagram to see what he’s up to next!

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Tesla Battery, Resin-Pour Cabinet Doors & 8 Ft. Long Counter

Elliot’s Meticulously-Planned Rig w Murphy Bed 2

Images by Tiny Home Tours

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Here’s a super neat van conversion built out by Detour Vans in Canada. It has all the latest in bells and whistles, and it’s ready for any off-grid adventure you can throw at it.

Birch cabinets with locks have a sleek Scandinavian vibe, while marine flooring is ready for all the mud that off-roading entails. The 2017 Sprinter has just 41,000 miles on it, which means it has plenty of life left to take you all over the U.S. and Canada!

It’s for sale right now for $129,000 over at Van Life Trader.

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Ultra-Modern Van Conversion by Detour Vans

Mercedes Sprinter 144 Premium Build Out For Sale 2

Images via Van Life Trader

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Now this a pretty cool van! Originally a 2003 VW Eurovan Weekender, this van got a full overhaul from GoWesty back in 2011. Since then, its second owners drove it all over the West Coast.

The van has a pop-up top that sleeps two, and you can sleep two more on the “first floor.” What’s really great is this van seats 7, with the back 5 chairs facing each other and a table. Could make for a fun way to travel with friends (or kids?).

It’s for sale right now on Vanlife Trader for $31,000.

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This Van Seats 7 & Includes a Banquette

2003 VW Eurovan Weekender 3

Images via Vanlife Trader

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For many people, van-living isn’t a “forever” decision, but a great opportunity during transitional times to see more of the country and learn to live with less.

Angie and her husband, Brian, moved back home when Angie’s dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After he passed, they were trying to decide what to do next. That’s when they decided to buy a van and travel for a year.

The couple is now selling their van, but be sure to check out the video tour with Tiny Home Tours about their sabbatical year on the road!

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After Losing Her Father, They Went Tiny

Vanlife After Loss: And It’s Now For Sale!

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This has to be one of the most ornate van conversions I’ve ever seen, with lovely carved woodwork that gives it a mythical forest feel.

There’s a three-seater couch that folds into the main bed, an itty bitty kitchen with a propane cooktop, and even a stow-away toilet that doubles as a seat when not “in use.”

You’ll find plenty of built-in and under-bed storage in this campervan, which is for sale in the UK for 12,000 GBP (or ~ $15,800). You can contact the seller via QuirkyCamper here.

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Check Out the Woodwork in this CamperVan!

Stunning & Ornate Ford Transit XLWB Campervan Conversion For Sale

Images via Quirky Campers

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If you’ve been longing to get into #vanlife for a while, this handcrafted campervan for sale might be the perfect rig for you! It’s all set up as a home inside, and the stunning woodwork makes it a unique build that no one else will have.

The exterior is mostly cedar, while the inside features Honduran mahogany cabinets and custom dutch doors. The place runs on solar power, making it an off-grid wonder!

You can contact the builder, Michael, at [email protected] to ask questions or make an offer. He’s asking $32,5000.

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Renovated Camper Van with Stunning Mahogany Interior

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Lindsey jumped on the #vanlife bandwagon after spending some time as a nanny in Italy, and it’s been just over a year since she started living and traveling in her van.

This lifestyle means she can work different gigs here and there and then jump back on the road and travel with what she’s saved up. Her dad (who has been flipping homes for 40 years) helped her created her first van, which has a sunny yellow kitchen and the most gorgeous Frida-inspired quilt created by her mother.

While she ended up living with her boyfriend and his parents during quarantine, she spent the time outfitting a second van build to sell (check it out here!). We got to do a Q&A with her which you’ll definitely want to read at the end of the post.

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Life on the Road with Wander Woman Go

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Here’s your chance to jump into van life, and support a good cause while you’re at it. Lindsey Maxwell (@wander_woman_go) has been living the #vanlife for a while now but used her time during COVID-19 after she lost her job to create a second van with her partner to sell.

But it’s not all for-profit: She’ll also be donating a portion of the profits to No Kid Hungry and the National Alliance to End Homelessness, which is pretty awesome!

All the details on the van build, for sale on Craigslist, are at the end of the post (including the price!). Check out the pictures first…

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Get Into #VanLife with this Awesome Build!

Colorado Van

Images via Lindsey Maxwell/Craigslist

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