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This is the Little Red Roof Tiny House on Wheels that’s for sale in Foley, Minnesota.

The 251 sq. ft. house features tons of storage, including deep drawers and other built-in nooks and crannies. The home also boasts two lofts and additional sleeping on the fold-out sofa. It is fully equipped to stay on or go off-grid.

Get more details and the seller’s contact number on the last page. Enjoy!

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Little Red Roof Tiny House For Sale, MN

Images via Matt

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I love seeing longer tiny homes that pack in living space, but Upper Valley Tiny Homes showed us what you can do with just 18 ft. of length in this 8 x 18 Green Box THOW.

The home features two lofts, a great u-shaped kitchen that can accommodate a fridge and stove, and even a wee bit of room for a love seat. The bathroom has an incinerating toilet and shower stall, but my favorite feature in this tiny is the HUGE closet for storing both hanging clothing and tall items like brooms.

Check out the screenshots and then take the full video tour below!

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8 x 18 Green Box THOW (Epic Closet!)

Screenshots via YouTube/Upper Valley Tiny Homes

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This is a 30′ Off Grid Tiny House by Upper Valley Tiny Homes.

I love every tiny house with a mini wood-burning stove, so this one is a winner! It has two lofts, a bright yellow kitchen, and even storage stairs with space for brooms and mops. Enjoy!

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30′ Off Grid Tiny House by Upper Valley Tiny Homes

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This is the Red Bungalow tiny house built for Masha Shubin.

This house was featured on HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters, Season 3, Episode 13.

Masha’s tiny house is up for sale right now (for $55,000) in Oregon City.

Please enjoy, read more, and share below!

Masha’s Red Bungalow Tiny House

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