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If you’ve been looking for tiny house kits you’re in the right place. In this post, I’m going to show you an Amish Barn Raiser Kit you can order on wheels.

I’m talking about a pre-built tiny home on wheels (with the shell done for you) that can be delivered to you. This would save you up to 3 months of build time assuming you work on your projects for 16 hours every weekend. That’s 200+ hours of build time that you can save by ordering a pre-built shell already built on a new trailer for you.

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Barn Raiser Tiny House Kit Built and Delivered to You

Amish Barn Raiser

© Tumbleweed Houses

Learn how you can save up to 3 months of build time using one of these tiny house kits below:

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In this post I’m showing you a 117 sq. ft. tiny home on wheels. It’s called the Tumbleweed Elm 18 Overlook.

Designed to be built on a trailer it’s mobile, beautiful and functional. All while looking and feeling like a real home.

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117 Sq. Ft. Elm 18 Overlook Tiny House


Enjoy the complete tour of this 117 square feet tiny house below:

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When I went to our Tiny House Talk Facebook Page this morning I noticed one of Jay Shafer’s original Tumbleweed Tiny Houses for sale.

It’s the Epu that Deek covered a while back when it was near Boston.

It Looks like the person who bought it (not long ago) is selling it.

Jay’s Epu Tumbleweed Tiny House is Available

Who will own it next?

Jay Shafer with his Tumbleweed Epu Tiny House

Photo Credit TumbleweedHouses.com

See more pics, videos, and get the “for sale” info below:

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Jay Shafer felt overwhelmed by the 4,000 square foot home he grew up in back in Iowa.

Time, energy and resources were spent maintaining space that added very little to their lives on the whole.

This distaste for wasted space emerged as a creative influence when Shafer was in his 20s.

After college, he started making blueprints of tiny homes just for fun.

Exploring how space is used, brainstorming how to use it more efficiently and learning about the materialism of our culture, he decided to pursue the passion further.

One of the legal difficulties he found right away was zoning laws that restrict how big anyone living establishment must be.

In most states, to be considered a house a building has to measure at least 220 square feet.


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Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

Photo Courtesy of Tumbleweed Houses

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This is a Tiny House Poster designed by Jay Shafer back in the day.

It features the Anderjack Box Bungalow along with hollyhock flowers in front of it.

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Tumbleweed Tiny House Poster of the Old Anderjack Box Bungalow Design by Jay Shafer

Hollyhocks Anderjack Tiny House Poster

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Every Thursday I’ll be featuring a random set of tiny house plans here on Tiny House Talk.

Today I’m introducing you to Tumbleweed’s Beavan Box Bungalow design.

Beavan Box Bungalow Tiny House Plans

The Beavan is one of Tumbleweed Houses latest designs in the Box Bungalow category.

As you may already know all of this company’s house plans are designed by Jay Shafer, who has been living happily in really small spaces since 1997.

That’s over ten years of extremely simple living. That’s why he’s #1 when it comes to designing micro sized spaces for humans.

Jay Shafer and Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

Jay is at the forefront of today’s tiny house movement not because he is the first person to live so simply but because he has successfully shared his amazing ideas with the world.

In his Small House Book, he shows you the current generous loopholes which allow you to bypass minimum size housing building code restrictions in most areas.

The Beavan Box Bungalow

Let’s take a close look at this beautiful design which was recently featured on HGTV’s Design Star.

Beavan Box Bungalow Tiny House Plans by Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Houses

Photo Courtesy of Tumbleweed Houses

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