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One of Jay Shafer’s Original Tumbleweed Tiny Houses For Sale (Again)

When I went to our Tiny House Talk Facebook Page this morning I noticed one of Jay Shafer’s original Tumbleweed Tiny Houses for sale.

It’s the Epu that Deek covered a while back when it was near Boston.

It Looks like the person who bought it (not long ago) is selling it.

Jay’s Epu Tumbleweed Tiny House is Available

Who will own it next?

Jay Shafer with his Tumbleweed Epu Tiny House

Photo Credit TumbleweedHouses.com

See more pics, videos, and get the “for sale” info below:

Tumbleweed Epu Tiny House Plans and Video Tour

As most of you know Jay is the author of The Small House Book and the picture above has been used in the front cover for the book.

Tumbleweed Epu Tiny House Plans and Video Tour

Video Tour of Jay’s Epu Tiny House with Deek

I love this video because it shows you an idea of what the current condition of the Epu is in.

Deek tours original Jay Shafer Epu Tumbleweed Tiny House

Watch below or check out our previous post featuring it right here.

Jay Giving you a Tour of the Epu

Epu Tiny House in the Snow

Epu Tumbleweed House
Photo By Jack Journey Copyright Tumblweed Tiny House Company 2008

Photo By Jack Journey Copyright Tumblweed Tiny House Company 2008

Jay’s Epu in a Landscape

Tumbleweed Epu Tiny House Plans and Video Tour

Interior of Jay’s Epu Tiny House When In Use

Tumbleweed Epu Tiny House Plans and Video Tour Tumbleweed Epu Tiny House Plans and Video Tour Tiny House Kitchen -- The Epu -- Tumbleweed Houses

Cozy Upstairs Sleeping Loft

Sleeping Loft Inside a Tiny House - The Epu - Jay Shafer

Micro Porch in a Tiny Home

Epu Tiny House from Tumbleweed Houses

Epu Tiny House Floor Plan & Dimensions from Tumbleweed

Epu Tiny House Floor Plan Epu Tiny House Details and Dimensions

Did I mention this house has been featured on Oprah? It has been toured several million times on television and the Internet.

More Tiny Houses for Sale And How to Build Your Own

If you’re interested in buying it you can get all the details including who to contact over at Tiny House Listings. They’re asking just $33,000 and it’s probably going to go fast.

Want to build your very own Epu? Purchase and download the plans instantly and hand them over to a contractor to do it for you!

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  • Cahow
    April 10, 2013, 1:56 pm

    At $371/per square foot, this is hardly a deal. You can get a 1/4 acre of land on a lake with a 500 square foot home where I live, @ $138/sq.ft. Or, if you’re an Urban Pioneer, you can buy a 6 bedroom/6 bath home in the remaining “wealthy” section of Gary, Indiana for $30,000.00, $3,000. less than this 89 sq.ft. gem. Oh, well, some new investor will snap it up, no doubt.

  • ET
    April 10, 2013, 1:59 pm

    Realtors are obviously the same whether selling large or tiny houses – the for sale site shows photos of the interior as it was years ago – not what it looks like today.

  • Isra
    April 29, 2013, 7:02 pm

    Why are they selling the same one , they are noy happy whit ther home ¿
    They dont explein way are selling this tiny home , the real truh

  • libertymen
    August 13, 2013, 8:01 pm

    Better alternatives for housing exist,House is 33K,plus a place to park,plus a big truck to pull it,I can guarantee that around metro Boston,ypu cant live in something like this,For many reasons,

  • Fred
    September 13, 2019, 12:24 pm

    Jay literally built the Tiny House movement and its great to see those houses are still around.
    Really gives some creedence to the whole idea of Tiny Home living.

    My question is, whatever happened to the original house that he toured all over the country?

    They one that was featured on the CBS news program “CBS Sunday Morning” (and possibly 60 Minutes, not to mention the evening news).

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