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This epic DIY truck house is 8′ long x 6′ wide and sits on the flatbed of a 1996 Ford F-350.

It was designed and built by Timmy from Truck House Life as a full-time home on wheels for his adventurous lifestyle in Alaska.

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Living Off-Grid In A DIY Overland Truck House

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More and more people are ditching the 9 to 5 so they can explore the country and travel. While we’ve seen tons of van conversions, what about setting up your truck bed for travel?

Marsha showed us you can DIY it here, but TopperEZLift has another option: A lift kit with insulated siding that allows you to get extra height and transform your truck bed into a compact home.

They have a few versions and packages — some are just simple truck bed tents, while others include the full lift kit and even a cot-style bed. You can see everything they sell here, but scroll below to see the lift kit in action! The automated lift only takes 30 seconds to go from road-ready to homey.

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Live in Your Truck with This Awesome Camping Kit

TopperEZLift: Turn Your Truck into a Tiny House! 3

Images via TopperEZLift

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This is the story of Mak and Owen and their 4×4 truck camper tiny house built by Main Line Overland. Believe it or not, before this one, they actually went through two others! Can you imagine?

On the second one, they spend day and night renovating for 9 months only to realize that it wasn’t going to work. Instead of quitting, they did more research and ended up with the rig you see here which they absolutely love. You can follow them on Instagram @bound.for.nowhere. Learn more below.

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Mak and Owen’s 4×4 Tundra Truck Camper Tiny House

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With the all new Tesla Cybertruck coming out, is it something that you’re going to consider if you already have or are going to build or buy a tiny house on wheels? The truck looks like no other vehicle on the road, something definitely out of the future, or a sci-fi film, and it starts at $39,900.

If you think you would want your tiny house to match the futuristic style of this electric truck from Tesla, you could always build a mostly metal/stainless-steel covered tiny house, kind of like this one from Seattle Tiny Homes. I also show you a few other travel trailers/tiny homes that may compliment it nicely.

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Towing Your Tiny House w/ a Tesla Cybertruck?

Tesla Cybertruck for Tiny House People Images via Tesla-com 001

Images via Tesla

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This is a flat-bed truck tiny house. It’s a 1979 Bedford that was converted into a motorhome/truck camper in Portugal.

Mat and Danielle, of Exploring Alternatives, went and spent a night in it and they did a video tour of it for you to enjoy below too!

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1979 Flat-Bed Truck Turned Motorhome

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This is one family’s tiny cabin they built for their truck. And yes, they’re a family of 5.

It’s a really nice DIY truck cabin that’s actually built stronger and with more insulation than a truck camper. And it’s customized exactly to their needs. Pretty cool, right? What do you think? Would you design/build something like this? Seems like a pretty cool adventure rig too, doesn’t it? You could go almost anywhere! Your thoughts?

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A Tiny Cabin On Our Truck For A Family Of 5

Familys Tiny Truck Cabin

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This is the D407 House Truck by Jay Nelson.

It’s a beautiful tiny home built onto a Mercedes 407D truck. Enjoy!

House Truck Built onto a Mercedes 407D Truck

D407 House Truck 001

Images © Jay Nelson Art

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This is the story of a couple (and their dog) who built their own stealthy cargo trailer tiny house while living in the back of their truck.

The most amazing part is that they built it while they were moving around usually on public land!

This story is brought to you thanks to Dylan Magaster. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Couple’s Cargo Trailer Tiny House Built While Living in a Truck on Public Land!

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This is a 1991 International Cabover 9670 Motorhome Conversion.

It’s got a 350 Cummins diesel engine and comes with matching 26ft trailer. The motorhome is for sale for $50,000 on the Vermont Craigslist.

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1991 International Cabover 9670 Motorhome Conversion

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