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This is to let you know that you can save $10,200 on a brand new ESCAPE Traveler XL Tiny House that’s in production right now, which means you can also still add customizations to it.

You can see an example of what a finished Traveler XL Tiny Home on Wheels looks like finished below, and if you’re interested you can see if this offer is still available (update: sold but other models still on sale click here to see). Learn more below!

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$10,200 Discount on Traveler XL Tiny House (Limited Time)

ESCAPE Traveler XL Tiny House via ESCAPE 001


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This is a secluded ESCAPE Tiny House Getaway with water views in South Cairo, New York which is near Catskill. The house is right on a creek and can accommodate up to five people. It even has it’s own closed-off main floor bedroom with a queen-size bed.

In addition, there’s a pull-out futon in the living area that can be used for sleeping. And on top of that, there’s also a cozy upstairs sleeping loft accessible by ladder. You’ve also got a dining area near a large window, a full kitchen, and a full bathroom. This is a very cool tiny house!

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Secluded and Cozy ESCAPE Tiny House Vacation with Water Views in New York

Secluded and Cozy ESCAPE Tiny House Vacation

Images via Glamping Hub

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This is a video-based review of an Escape Traveler XL Tiny House on Wheels. It’s located at The Oasis at the Gold Spike in Las Vegas and they call it The Sugar Shack.

The tiny house is actually behind a bar and is available for rent as a hotel room. In the video below, you’ll get an honest review from a tiny house enthusiast who spent a couple of nights there.


The Escape Traveler XL Tiny House Experience in Las Vegas

The Sugar Shack Escape Traveler XL Tiny House in Las Vegas 001

Images via YouTube/Roadship One

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Both homes are Traveler XL model tiny houses on wheels by ESCAPE. One in Santa Rosa that survived the fire (photo below taken by a firefighter) and the other THOW is in Miami where Hurricane Irma had a major impact (100MPH winds). Both of them, fortunately, survived with minimal damage.

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I wanted to show you this hurricane resistant tiny house on wheels that recently survived Hurricane Irma’s 100 MPH winds in Miami, Florida with no damage. It’s a Traveler XL model from ESCAPE. The house was not even strapped down or connected to anything on the ground (yikes)! What do you think?

Traveler XL Tiny House on Wheels Survives Hurricane Irma in Miami, FL

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This is to announce the new expanded Traveler XL Limited tiny house on wheels by ESCAPE Homes.

It now features/offers a full ‘walk around’ bedroom plus a few other new options like a pop up television in the living area.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Traveler XL Tiny House Now Offers ‘Walk Around’ Bedroom!

Photos via ESCAPE/YouTube

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This is the Traveler XL Tiny House on Wheels!

It’s designed and built by ESCAPE TRAVELER.

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Traveler XL Tiny House on Wheels by Escape

Images © Escape Traveler

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This is the 30-foot ESCAPE Traveler XL Tiny House on Wheels. It’s a gorgeous design with oversized windows and one of our very favorite features… Main-floor sleeping!

The open-concept design makes everything look and feel spacious. The abundance of windows helps with that, too. You have a full kitchen, flex dining area, cozy living area, full bathroom, and plenty of built-in storage nooks. No furniture required to move in! This is a really impressive tiny house design, isn’t it?

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30-Foot ESCAPE Traveler XL Tiny Home on Wheels w/ Main Floor Sleeping

30-Foot ESCAPE Traveler XL Tiny House

Images © escapetraveler.net

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This is the 30′ ESCAPE Traveler XL tiny house on wheels. In a previous post we showed you the standard ESCAPE Traveler but this one has even more space.

It’s a new design that’s RVIA certified and it gives you that extra space that you might be looking for in a relatively easy to tow tiny home on a trailer. Looking for something even bigger? Look at their ultra spacious and luxurious ESCAPE Park Model.

It can still be pulled with most of today’s full sized pick up trucks. The first model is currently under construction but the company is taking orders right now for any customers interested in the new 30′ design that starts at $72,800 USD. Please enjoy the preview and re-share below. Thank you!

30′ ESCAPE Traveler XL Tiny House on Wheels

Traveler XL Exterior 2

Images © ESCAPE Traveler

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