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This is a lightweight travel trailer that you can tow with your car called the Roulottes ProLite. The company offers several models, many of them are under 2000 lbs, and even some under 1000 lbs, including the on I’m showing you here (the 12V), which weighs approximately 950 lbs.

If you’re looking to travel, adventure, and move about quite frequently with your tiny house on wheels, something like this might be a good option to consider. It’s slightly bigger than a teardrop camper, and much smaller than most tiny homes on wheels, which makes it ideal for frequent travel. What do you think of this travel trailer design? It’s approximately 13-ft. in length and weighs just under 1000 lbs. Learn more below.

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Travel Trailer You Can Tow With Your Car… Weighs 950lbs!

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This is a 1988 Airstream Excella for 25k out of Albans, VT via Beth/Tiny Home Builders.

It’s a 25-ft model, approximately 200-sq.-ft. inside, rebuilt to like-new condition, what do you think?

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This is a Bluebird Penthouse Trailer-to-Cabin Conversion with a Land Rover Hot Tub in Rural England. What do you think?

The Bluebird Penthouse has beautiful panoramic views, 1950’s charming vintage interior with a touch of luxury. The Hot Tub is in a vintage landrover. Features double bed, bath, shower, toilet, cooker, fridge, table, radio, central heating, outdoor seating, Gas BBQ, chimnea/fire and wine cellar.1

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Bluebird Penthouse Trailer-to-Cabin Conversion with a Land Rover Hot Tub in High Bickington (Rural Village in North Devon, England)

Bluebird Penthouse Trailer Cabin with Land Rover Hot Tub via Ralph Airbnb 001

Images via Ralph/Airbnb

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This is the Core Camper. It’s a lightweight camper that’s built like a high quality tiny house using SIPs (structurally insulated panels) and you can have one built brand new for you for only $18,000 from Core Housing Solutions.

These are the same people behind some of the most affordable and very durable tiny homes on wheels that are on the market. And they’re built in Florida by Andrew Bennett and his wonderful company. By the way, it only weighs only 2300 pounds.

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Lightweight SIP-built Tiny House/Camper for 18k (NEW) – The Core Camper by Core Housing Solutions

Lightweight SIP-built Tiny House Camper for 18k by Core Housing Solutions 001

Images © Core Housing Solutions

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This is the Bowlus Road Chief Series of Vintage Travel Trailers.

It’s a very expensive but really awesome-looking vintage-style travel trailer. Currently, they have two models to choose from, the On The Road model which starts at $137,000, and the Endless Highways model which starts at $185,000.

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Bowlus Road Chief Vintage Travel Trailers

Bowlus Road Chief On The Road Model Copyright Bowlus Road Chief LLC 001

The Bowlus Road Chief – On The Road © Bowlus Road Chief LLC

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This is the TrailManor Travel Trailer. It’s amazing because it looks like an ordinary pop up camper.

But once you get on site and unfold it, you’ll notice it becomes a full-size hard-wall travel trailer. Pretty amazing!

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Expanding TrailManor Camping Trailer

TrailManor Expanding Camping Trailer 001

© TrailManor

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This is Spartacus, a 1955 Spartan Royal Mansion by Backyard Bunkies.

It’s a 34-foot long vintage camper with two entrances, all new custom cabinetry, designer furniture, mini-split air conditioning, subway tiled bathroom, and more. It’s technically a park model designed to be set up with full hookups (it has no holding tanks). What do you think?

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Sparty the BEAUTIFUL 1955 Spartan Royal Mansion Renovation by Backyard Bunkies

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This is the story of Jessica Allossery and her 13ft 1969 Bailey Mikado travel trailer.

She uses it as a home away from home when she’s traveling and performing on tour. Here is our interview with her.

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Jessica Allossery’s 13ft 1969 Bailey Mikado Camper

Jessica Alloserys 13ft 1969 Vintage Bailey Travel Trailer 001

Images © The Lovely Indie

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This is the story of Shelby and Rooster, a military couple who renovated an RV into their beautiful tiny home on wheels. On the outside, it looks like a regular fifth wheel travel trailer. But inside, it’s totally re-done to look and feel like a beautiful little cottage!

This travel trailer tiny house is working out wonderfully for them because it allows them to still live together even if they have to change bases. Pretty cool, right? By the way, this story is brought to you thanks to the Tiny House Giant Journey YouTube Channel. Subscribe! 🙂

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Military Couple’s RV Renovation And Lifestyle


Image via @shelbyadrift

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