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This is an Awesome Renovated RV Tiny Home that’s for sale in Georgia.

What used to be your standard 2005 28 ft. Outback RV has been beautifully re-done by the owners to include bright white furnishings, awesome tile back splashes and a backroom walk-in closet and desk area. Growing up I had friends with this same trailer and it would be incredibly dated nearly a decade later, but the owners did a fantastic job making it a true modern tiny house!

Purchase details below.

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Awesome Renovated RV Tiny Home

Images via Ebay

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This Artisan built his tiny house from a salvaged trailer – with no plans!

The home started as an old travel trailer and today it features beautiful hand-forged hinges, a monkey-bar ladder to get down from the loft bedroom, and a gravity-fed water system for washing dishes. He never had a floor plan in mind and created the home as he built. Watch the full video below! Enjoy!

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Artisan Builds His Tiny House from Salvaged Trailer – with No Plans!

Artisan Builds His Tiny House from Salvaged Trailer – with No Plans!

Screenshots via YouTube/Dylan Magaster

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This is a Travel Trailer with a Built-On Loft Addition!

The old Prowler camper has been upgraded with an upstairs loft, residential quality windows, and even french doors!

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Prowler Travel Trailer with Built-On Loft Addition

Screenshots via YouTube/Danny Rossa

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This is an Indiegogo Campaign for the Grengine: An Evolution in Portable Power.

The Grengine is an eco-friendly generator that’s completely silent, emission-free and ultra-lightweight so it would work well for off-grid tiny homes and van-dwelling:

THE WORLD’S ONLY power system featuring interchangeable super batteries. Each battery pack has 1200 Watt hours to keep you going, and going…and going. Charge it from your wall, your car, or from the sun and then take it where you need it. Camping? Construction? Home backup? The GRENGINE™ has you covered.

Like the idea? Consider backing this invention (Only 2 days left!)

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The Grengine: An Evolution in Portable Power (Great for Off-Grid Life!)

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This is the Homegrown Trailers Teardrop-Inspired tiny camper!

Homegrown Trailers™ produces artisan, sustainable travel trailers for sale and rent. We combine the beauty and lifestyle of tiny houses with the mobility of campers.

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Teardrop-Inspired Tiny Camper by Homegrown Trailers

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This is Boyd’s cheap DIY Micro Camper.

He built the whole thing himself and you can watch his video tour below.

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He Built Affordable, DIY Micro Camper with Fold Down Picnic Table!


Images © Boyd Earl

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This is a 1965 Yellowstone Travel Trailer for sale in South Bend, Indiana.

Asking price is $5,300 USD. According to the listing, it’s been refurbished but still has some of the original parts.

This adorable 1965 Yellowstone Trailer named “Little Janie” is FOR SALE!
-Newly refurbished down to the shell – Original 3 burner stove and wooden screen door
-Urethane foam insulation throughout – Clean title in hand!
-New wiring, wood paneling and trim – Lots of storage space
-New wood laminate flooring
-Newly painted exterior and interior
– Custom awning(only used once)
– New countertop, table, and decals

This trailer is ready for your next road trip. She’s a cottage on wheels.

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1965 Yellowstone Travel Trailer For Sale

Yellowstone Trailer For Sale 001

Images © Craigslist

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This is a 12′ vintage 1966 Scotsman travel trailer renovated by Sharin Louis of Shabby Rose Decor.

Inside she has decorated everything with custom vintage decor. There is a cozy couch, kitchen with stove top and sink, and a dining area.

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12′ Vintage 1966 Scotsman Travel Trailer

12' Vintage 1966 Scotsman Travel Trailer

Images © Romantic Homes

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I’d like to introduce you to Heather and Dana of HD Adventuring. They converted a travel trailer into a tiny home. Here is their story.

HD Adventuring is the story of two New Englanders who made the trek out to the Golden Coast. We met in college, and a few months after graduation, we decided California was calling our names.

To get here, we packed all of our things into a single station wagon and got rid of the rest. We spent a month road tripping all over the country.

After that month of living with only a couple of bags full of stuff, we realized that all we needed fit into that small car.

We decided that we wanted to live tiny, so we purchased a camper, and are converting it into a tiny house.

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Adventurous Couple Convert Travel Trailer into Tiny Home

Adventurous Couple Convert Travel Trailer into Tiny Home

Images © HD Adventuring

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