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Kat has been living tiny on and off for years! She and her ex moved into a tiny house together, had two kids in it, and were later divorced. While she kept that tiny house for a time, she eventually sold it and moved into an apartment. But she still wanted their own space! So she devised a plan to purchase land, get started on a large cabin, and build a tiny house for them to live in temporarily while the larger home is completed.

Below you can see that “temporary” tiny house, which she spent only $25,000 to complete! Incredible! While she has faced some difficulties with permitting and town lawns, her house is technically legal after paying $200 for an after-the-fact permit (which she didn’t think she needed until a neighbor complained). Get all the details in the video!

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Only $25K Invested! Awesome Tiny House on Wheels

Single Mom’s Tiny House w: Larger Cabin Plans 8

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Want a tiny house? And want to own land? Here’s your chance to get both at once (or one or the other)! Indigo River Tiny Homes is selling a 2020 32′ Wanderlust tiny house that’s on a lot at the Peninsula Point Tiny Home & RV Resort in Corsicana, Texas. You can get the home and tiny house for $199,000, or purchase the land for $100K and bring your own tiny house. If you only want the house, it’s $99K.

The house has two lofts, one with a staircase and standing-room loft, and the other one with ladder access. You’ll get a full kitchen with eat-in bar space, a full bathroom with a washer/dryer unit, and a cozy living room space filled with natural light.  The property in Texas allows for Airbnbs, so you could also use this as a money-making venture. You can contact Indigo River Tiny Homes if you’d like to purchase.

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32′ Double Loft THOW w/ Texas Land Available: $199K

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Start your tiny journey with this beautiful little log cabin tiny house on wheels with 2.4 acres of unrestricted land! It would make a lovely little homestead, flat and open, surrounded by forest with a little stream.

The tiny house itself has both a loft and a first-floor bedroom. The covered front porch has views of a lovely weeping tree. Inside on the first floor you’ll find the living room, a galley kitchen, and a full bathroom. It’s located in Brevard, North Carolina for $250K.

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Your Future Homestead in North Carolina for $250K

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Remember the Halloween house from last week? Here’s a full tour!

Shelley lives in a gorgeous 36 x 8 ft. tiny house on Whidbey island off the coast of Washington. She purchased land there after her divorce, and her professionally-built tiny home is a temporary housing situation while she gets approval and financing for a larger pre-fab home.

Her home has a first-floor bedroom with room to walk all the way around the bed, a loft guest room and a long galley kitchen that allows her to cook whatever she likes. Enjoy!

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36 x 8 ft. Tiny Home on Washington Island

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Now here’s a cool chance to have a tiny house AND the land. This five-acre property in Maine would make the perfect beginner homestead, and it comes with a 2.5-acre buildable lot already cleared for a house — so you could bring your best friend!

The existing house has a studio-concept downstairs, a full bathroom, and then a grand loft bedroom with walking headroom. It’s exactly 400 square feet and the whole property is $199,500.

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Tiny Home Comes with Two Lots!

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Jen contacted us because she’s selling the tiny home, she shed, and storage unit she has lived in for the past three years. What’s super awesome is that the park model home sits on almost five acres in New Mexico! So you’ll have a permanent spot for your tiny lifestyle.

The main home has a first-floor bedroom layout and features a full bathroom, bedroom, and spacious living area. In the storage unit, there’s the water heater and washer and dryer (as well as space to store plenty of things!). The she-shed is set up as a magical space to get away from it all, and could be transformed into a guest cottage.

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This Property Has Two Tiny Homes and a Storage Unit!

Tiny House w She Shed on 5 Acres 30

Images via Zillow/Jen

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Small home, big yard! Doesn’t get much better than this. Not sure about the zoning regarding animals in this area, but what a great spot to create a large kitchen garden and raise your own food. This manufactured home looks wonderfully cared-for, and comes with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, and even a dining room.

There’s a separate garage for vehicles or as a hobby workspace, as well as a large covered back porch. Part of the yard is fenced in (great for kids/dogs), but there is tons more acreage to do with as you like. Do you think manufactured homes are a good way to save on housing?

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1200 sq. ft. Small House with Huge Back Deck!

Manufactured Home with Separate Garage on 5 Acres in FL 16

Images via Brooksville

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Parking your tiny house is the #1 struggle when it comes to living tiny, but here’s your chance to move to the tropical Mexico and own your own shipping container tiny house (off-grid and Tesla-battery-powered!) on your own 1/3 acre of private jungle.

There’s your own well, your own solar set-up, your own pool — a screened-in deck, a full bathroom and a downstairs bedroom. If you already have a remote job, you might as well make an offer right now! Put in an offer here.

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Mexico Shipping Container Home for $129.9K (Land Included)

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Here’s a tiny house with a whole 30 acres of land, located about a half-hour from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The 400-square-foot home is completely off-grid, with solar power, a water tank, and a wood-burning stove to keep the home warm!

The barn-style house has an open floor plan with a loft bedroom, kitchen area, and living space. There’s also a bathroom. What do you think?

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Live Off-Grid on 30 Acres Outside of Santa Fe!

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