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A couple of weeks ago we showed you the beautiful Pingora model from Wind River Tiny Homes, and today we’re showing off one of their single-level homes called the “Etowah.”

The house comes in a few lengths, and you can see a 32′ one below. This one has been outfitted with modern farmhouse finishes which allow for tons of light! There is a loft over the kitchen and bathroom for office space or an extra bedroom. It starts at $110,400.

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32′ Etowah from Wind River Tiny Homes:

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Named the “Gunyah” in honor of the aboriginal word for “house/shelter,” this tiny house is simpler and more streamlined than Hauslein‘s previous builds. They offer this model in two layouts — one with a couch, and another with a ground-floor bed.

There’s so much high-quality workmanship going on inside! All the custom wood elements bring lots of character and contrast nicely with the cream walls. There’s an afixed ladder than goes up to the loft bedroom (with skylight) and an awesome breakfast bar with a flip-out window for enjoying nature.

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Two Layout Options in This New 16-Foot THOW


Images by Hauslein

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This is the Sejour Tiny House by Tiny Idahomes in Idaho.

You can purchase this model in both 24′ and 26′. The builder writes:

It is built on a tow behind trailer with a 8’6″ total width, including roof overhang, and total height of 13’5″ tall including 2′ trailer height. It features an entrance in the back of the house with a 3′ x 3′ back porch with a 3′ x 7′ storage loft inside above the porch. This model has an 8′ sleeping loft with stair access. It has a mid-kitchen with shaker style alder cabinets, a laminate counter top, an Atwood 3 burner propane range. The rear bathroom with regular porcelain toilet, small bathroom sink, washer dryer hookups, and a 32” x 32” shower. Additional options are available.

Base price for the 24′ starts at $42,395. Enjoy the pictures of one finished version below!

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Sejour Tiny House by Tiny Idahomes

Images via Tiny Idahomes

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This is the second version of the Escape One zen tiny house on wheels by Escape, a tiny house builder in Wisconsin.

We showed you Version One back in April, but this new video tour below shows some of the different options available for the inside of your Escape One, including a gas stove and huge windows in the living room. Be sure to check it out and get the additional details at the end of the post.


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Escape One, Version Two: Zen Tiny House on Wheels

Images via Escape

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This is the Chinook Peak model by Tiny Mountain Houses, a builder with locations in both Oregon and California.

The home features a layout that prioritizes the living room, which sits beneath the sleeping loft that’s accessible by storage steps. You could easily fit your comfy couch in here! The kitchen has everything you need and the bathroom even includes a tub for those who want one. Cool!

Get additional details and base price below, and take the video tour to get the full view. Enjoy!

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Chinook Peak Model by Tiny Mountain Houses

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This is the Ironclad Tiny House on Wheels by Wind River Tiny Homes in Tennessee.

The Ironclad tiny home started out as a hybrid of two of our past builds (The Chimera and The Rook) but ended up taking on a life of it’s own. This sleek and modern tiny house won’t stand up to canon balls like the Civil War warships from which it gets it’s name, but the 40 year warranty metal siding and roofing are incredibly durable and low maintenance.

Step inside and you’ll find the interior has a modern feel with industrial and rustic accents. White ship lap walls, light natural pine ceiling, and subway tiles are offset by the brooding and dark tone of the trim, hardware, fixtures and floor. The Ironclad tiny home also has a larger than standard bathroom, large shower (48″x 32″) and full sized appliances which allow the space to feel and operate like a much larger home.

Get the price and contact information for Wind River Tiny Homes below. Enjoy the pictures!

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The Ironclad Tiny House Model by Wind River Tiny Homes

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This is the third edition of Mint Tiny House Company’sNapa” model.

The beautiful home features a large drop-down porch and French doors to let the outside-in. When you enter you’ll find the living room with a window bar that let’s you eat breakfast while enjoying the views. I’m really partial to the mix of the light pine with the dark accents, and the lack of storage steps actually opens up the space and makes it feel especially open.

Get additional information, the floor plan, and pricing details for the Napa, as well as contact information for Mint Tiny House Company, on the last page. Enjoy!

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Napa Edition #3 by Mint Tiny House Company

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This is the BunKaboose by EcoCabins in Colorado.

The BunKaboose, designed by David Papen and Darin Zaruba from EcoCabins, was first envisioned as a cross between a caboose rail car and a rustic bunkhouse. A uniquely original tiny house with rugged style, classic appointments, and superior quality craftsmanship, the 20’ model with a 4’ deck is now available and the 24’ model with a 4’ deck will be released soon. This home features a quaint rustic metal deep soak bathtub, two lofts, an electric fireplace, and ‘beetle kill pine’ interior walls, trim, and floors.

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BunKaboose by EcoCabins in Colorado

Screenshots via Facebook

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This is the Independent Series 4800 by Designer Eco Tiny Homes.

It includes a cozy breakfast nook/living room, a spacious loft bedroom with a skylight and a compact kitchen and bathroom. A snug tiny house for one or two people who don’t mind ladders.

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Independent Series 4800 by Designer Eco Tiny Homes

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