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Here’s a beautiful two-tone build by a professional in Arizona that’s NOAH-certified for ultimate peace of mind. It features double lofts, one can be a bedroom and the other an office, second lounge, or another bedroom.

The home has luxury finishes like quartz countertops, shiplap walls, and a 2-in-1 washer-dryer unit. There’s a projector and screen set up in the living room perfect for movie nights. Do you like it? The builder is interested in selling it and negotiating a price.

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Double Loft THOW with Open Shelving

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Here’s a brand new 32-foot tiny house on wheels that a general contractor of Capstone Creations built during lockdown. The tiny home in North Carolina features one loft accessible via storage stairs, tons of counter space, and a spacious bathroom with a walk-in shower.

The living room has a fold-down table and plenty of room for a couch. In the kitchen, you’ll find large appliances including a dishwasher, and there’s room for a washer and dryer hook-up. It’s for sale on Craigslist for $119,000.

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North Carolina THOW w/ One Loft & Large Bathroom

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While we’ve seen lofts used as living rooms before, the living room loft in The Violet Tiny House by Sunflower Tiny Homes is definitely one-of-a-kind. Instead of a standard flat space with furniture, they actually created the loft with two fixed couches that face each other.

The drop-down area in the middle allows you to stand getting in and out of the loft, and have a perfect spot to chat, read or hang out. Underneath is a queen-sized bedroom area. What are your thoughts on this arrangement?

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The Violet Tiny House by Sunflower Tiny Homes with its Unique Living Room Loft Design

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Tony used all his savings to buy a shipping container back in 2017. He had zero construction experience but was sure it’d take him about 3 months to convert the container into a home. Instead, he worked extra and then spent his weekends — for 9 months — seeing his plan come to fruition. In the end, he spent $13K on an impressive tiny house, even though it took longer than he expected. When his video tour went viral on YouTube, he found himself in the position to start a tiny house company.

Now he has an entire business and has built more than 100 container homes and has even done a van conversion. He offers DIY classes online and has really made a name for himself in the tiny world. Enjoy his origin story interview below, and let us know what you think about container homes in the comments! Do you think you could figure out how to become a tiny house builder?

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Now he has Built over 100 Container Homes!

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Check out the latest luxury tiny house from the builders at Tiny Heirloom. This 37×8.5 ft tiny house sits on a gooseneck trailer, allowing for a private Master bedroom with headroom. But if you have kids or frequent guests, you’ll appreciate the back bunkroom on the other side of the THOW.

All the finishes are high-end, like the custom backsplash or designer wallpaper throughout. If you like something bold and different, this tiny is for you! It’s currently for sale, and you contact the seller here.

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It’s the Cerulean Tiny House by Tiny Heirloom with a Master Bedroom, too!


Images by Tiny Heirloom

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This is a beautiful home in Oregon built by Stanley Tiny Homes. The 25-foot structure has plenty of large windows to take in the natural beauty where the THOW is parked.

You walk through the French doors into the living room and then turn into the galley kitchen with an L-shaped bar. The bathroom sits at the very end of the building, and there’s a ladder up to the loft bedroom. Enjoy!

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These THOW Owners Have the Best Spot in Oregon!

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Randy, the owner of Incredible Tiny Homes and three communities built on his property, started out with nothing. He lost his business with the 2008 crash and was trying to make ends meet when his wife had the idea to start building tiny homes at an affordable price. Using borrowed tools, he built his first THOW for a friend seven years ago.

To date, ITH has built more than 700 homes and developed two tiny house communities, with the third on the way. Randy’s goal has been to support his family while also building affordable homes and creating affordable tiny house communities so others can also live comfortably. Watch the video about his journey below thanks to Tiny House Giant Journey on YouTube!

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His Incredible Tiny Home Empire Built from Nothing

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After a divorce, Jen decided to sell her 2,000 square-foot “American Dream” home and go tiny — but it didn’t start off smoothly. The builder she found on Craigslist was flaky, and she had a huge shell but couldn’t get it liveable.

Thankfully, she got in touch with Mitchcraft Tiny Homes who was willing to take on the project — and according to Jen — made it better than any drawing or picture she showed them. She seems like such a lovely person and you’re sure to enjoy Jenna’s interview with her below.

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34×10 Tiny House w/ Giant Kitchen!

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The truly amazing thing about tiny homes is how they challenge designers and builders to be incredibly creative. Build Tiny (New Zealand) has really outdone themselves with their “Autumn” design, custom-made for a client.

This compact home includes hidden appliances, a sneaky doggie crate with dog-door access, a floating hammock net for relaxing, and a bedroom loft that also doubles as a work-from-home office.

And just wait until you see the mural on the back of the bathroom door! It’s definitely worth watching the brief video tour below so you can see all the details.

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This New Zealand Tiny House is Packed with Features!

Autumn Tiny House

Images via Build Tiny

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