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Tiny Digs Hotel in Portland, Oregon is home to 12 different tiny home vacations, each with a different awesome theme. Their most recent addition, the “Rock n Roll” cottage, is like a time machine that takes you back to the 1950s.

There’s a little retro fridge, an Elvis-Presley-covered bathroom, and an old rotary phone. The attention to detail inside speaks to the owner’s own 1950s upbringing! Enjoy the tour below.

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10×16 Cottage Turned Retro Retreat

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This itty bitty cottage on Cape Cod has been named the “Sand Pebble,” which perfectly sums up the feeling inside this beachy tiny home.

You walk into the open living room and kitchen space, while a separate bathroom and bedroom hide behind a couple of doors. The kitchen was recently renovated, and even has a washer/dryer unit so you can wash your bathing suit after a long day of beachin’ it!

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Tiny Cape Cod Cottage


Images via Aruna/Airbnb

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This tiny vintage cottage in Rhode Island is almost a perfect square housing one bedroom, a 3/4 bathroom and a pastel green kitchenette.

The home is decorated with shabby chic furniture in a blend of pastel florals and stripes that feel like something from Southern Home Living.

Enjoy the photo tour and book your stay on Airbnb.

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Vintage Cottage w/ Weathered Furniture and Funky Patio

Mimi’s Shabby Chic Cottage Near the Bay

Images via Airbnb/Mauricio

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Ready to book a Lake Michigan vacation? This lovely two-bedroom cottage in Muskegon is just the spot to bring the family.

Inside you’ll find a bright and beachy main room, complete with an open concept living room, kitchen and dining area. Off the back of the house are two full-sized bedrooms, along with a full bathroom.

Walk out the large windowed front doors onto the porch, where you can eat lunch at a picnic table. You can book this spot at Airbnb here.

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Stay in This 2-Bedroom Cottage on Lake Michigan

Muskegon Beachfront Lake Michigan Cottage 7

Images via Airbnb

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This quaint cottage in the Yorkshire Dales surrounded by stunning English gardens is just the place for inspiration on converting your shed into a tiny dwelling!

David took his shed, added heated floors, running water, and a bathroom, and created a perfect secluded guest room with everything you need for a weekend stay. There are even tiny skylights to add some extra sunshine. He also painted the inside a lovely sage green (instead of the standard white/cream), which makes the place particularly cozy.

Enjoy the tour of this special spot below, and book your stay on Airbnb.

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Tiny Cottage Surrounded By English Gardens

Yorkshire Shed-Turned-Cottage with Heated Floors 001

Images via David/Airbnb

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Coming in at 280-square feet, the Honeycrisp Cottage in Southern Vermont is a dreamy energy-efficient getaway, and a tiny house design worth bookmarking for your future build!

This home (@honeycrisp_cottage on Instagram) would make a perfect granny flat because of the open floor plan and downstairs bedroom, but really anyone interested in going tiny could enjoy this space! The Airbnb hosts designed the home themselves and included a floorplan (you can see below). They hired out some work and DIYed the rest, and the total cost to build was around $75,000. Book your stay on Airbnb!

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Energy-Efficient Tiny House Cottage in Vermont


Images via Andrea/Airbnb

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This is the Popty Welsh Vacation Property, an old itty bitty bakehouse that’s now a quaint and romantic holiday retreat!

It’s certainly tiny, but boasts all you need including a kitchen with a hutch and oven, a living room with a real fireplace, a tiny bathroom (not pictured), and an upstairs lofted bedroom. I can’t get over how idyllic the setting is, and who doesn’t love a stone cottage?

Enjoy the pictures and if you want, book your stay through Under the Thatch! With a special voucher code, Tiny House Talk readers get £50 off a stay in this property if you make a booking before July 31, 2017. Details below!

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Popty Welsh Vacation Property: Itty Bitty Bakehouse

Images via Under the Thatch

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This is a 17th Century Stable Cottage that’s been totally renovated into a lovely vacation home in Sussex, England.

I love seeing one-floor plans with a big, open main living area. I think for folks who hate stairs, this kind of floor plan is perfect! The bedroom and bathroom sit off the main room that overlooks stunning pasture dotted with sheep.

Want to rent it? Book your stay at Choose Cottage!

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17th Century Stable Cottage Vacation in England

Images via Choose Cottage

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Why not try out tiny living in this Maryland Vacation Cottage?

This tiny cottage is for rent on Airbnb, and you can spend the night (or a week!) deciding if you could live this way. It has two televisions, sleeping for 4 (a loft and downstairs bed), a full shower and a kitchen with an induction cooktop for making meals. Book your stay!

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Try Out Tiny Living in this Maryland Vacation Cottage

Images via Airbnb

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