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Have you ever considered a teardrop camper Weddings On Wheels packages from Oregon Teardrop Rentals?

Many might not have ever thought of such a novelty, but it could be the perfect way to embrace the outdoors. Whether for you or for someone you know who may be tying the knot, it could be the perfect way to celebrate for some.

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Wedding and Honeymoon in a Teardrop Micro-camper with Oregon Teardrop Rentals

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This is the “Pika” teardrop camper tiny house.

It’s a custom micro camper built by Jacob Wolf MacLeod that he’s offering for $6,000.

Currently it’s located in Portland, Oregon but he is able to delivery it regionally if you’re interested.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Homebuilt “Pika” Teardrop Camper Micro House! (For Sale)

Pika Teardrop Tiny House 001

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This is a gorgeous teardrop trailer by Chesapeake Light Craft.

From the outside, you’ll notice a highly polished wooden tiny camper with a sturdy roof rack that can carry two kayaks. According to their website, you can buy the kit and build it yourself, even if you have little or no experience. When you go inside, you’ll find space for someone up to 6 ft. 8 in. tall to sit up and lay down to sleep. In the rear, there’s a hatch that opens to reveal a small stove and plenty of storage space for your gear. All in all, it’s designed to be better than tent camping and can conveniently be pulled by almost any vehicle.

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Gorgeous Teardrop Trailer by Chesapeake Light Craft

Gorgeous Teardrop Trailer by Chesapeake Light Craft 001

Images © CLCBoats

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This Pop Up Trailer to Teardrop Camper Project is a guest post by Ryan Parks


After following your site and much pressure from my wife and friends I thought I would go ahead and send you pictures of our tear drop camper build.

It was built on top of a salvaged pop up camper trailer that I was able to acquire from a friend (his wife was grateful to see it gone). We cleaned up the old trailer and painted it up nice.

We opted to draw out our own plans after looking at multiple drawings on line and looking at different types of tear drops.

Almost all materials were acquired from RV salvage yards (door, side window and roof vent). We initially wired it up and installed a breaker panel for use in camping facilities that provide electricity but after more thought we went ahead and bit the bullet and set it up to use solar power as well if we decide to park it in a primitive camp site.

The interior was finished using cedar from a sauna that I had removed from a house.

We also have it set up for water. Again we tried to use as much salvaged and recycled materials as possible. We used an old stainless mixing bowl for a sink!

Your site is an excellent source of ideas and information. I almost wish I hadn’t built this one because my wife and I would love to build a “bigger” tiny house!

Again, thank you for having this site available for all of us that enjoy the smaller things in life.

Ryan and Debbie Parks
Davenport, IA

Pop Up Trailer to Teardrop Camper

Images © Ryan and Debbie Parks

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This teardrop camper called Hütte Hut™ seems to be inspired by domes. Maybe it’s just me, but I think you might understand when you look inside.

At first glance, I immediately fell in love with the design. To me, it’s probably the best looking teardrop trailer I’ve ever seen. What do you think? It’s created by a company called Sprouting Sprocket Studio and I just think it’s super awesome.

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Dome Inspired Teardrop Camper: Hütte Hut™


Images © Hütte Hut™

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This Jayco Pop Up Trailer to DIY Teardrop Camper Renovation is a guest post by Andy Bailley

This used to be a Jayco pop up trailer and I renovated it into a teardrop camper.

It’s now my mobile tiny house and I thought you might enjoy seeing it. Thank you.

Man’s Jayco Pop Up Trailer to Teardrop Camper Conversion


Images © Andy Bailley

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I thought you’d enjoy this story of a couple who’s living tiny in their 6′ x 9′ micro camper which happens to be a 1987 teardrop-like travel trailer.

But they have plans on upsizing into a more spacious 8′ x 20′ custom built tiny house on wheels. But for now, they’re content in their teardrop micro home.

I’ll let them tell you the story themselves below…

Couple Go Tiny in 6’x9′ Micro Travel Trailer


I encourage you to read their story, check out their tiny home, and even take the video tour below:

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If you’re thinking of traveling with your future tiny house you might want to think about building something like this because it’s aerodynamic.

Not only that but it’s also lighter in weight too. And when you go inside I think you’ll be amazed at all that’s in there.

Granted, this is pretty big for a teardrop trailer but you could still consider it one if you wanted to.

Aerodynamic Tiny House on Wheels

Enjoy the rest of this aerodynamic DIY stick built micro house on wheels below:

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I wanted to show you this all wood hand built teardrop camper for sale (sold) finished in 2013.

It was a six-year project even the trailer frame was custom built.

Built with one-inch birch wood that’s treated, stained and sealed for marine use.

Inside there’s a comfortable 6 inch Tempurpedic foam mattress along with:

  • 12V LED Lighting
  • Reading lamps
  • 110V RV Hook Up with Trickle Battery Charger
  • Three USB Ports

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DIY Wooden Vintage Teardrop Camper w/ Classic VW Truck

Vintage VW Truck Towing Classic Hand Built Wooden Teardrop Camper

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