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Dome Inspired Teardrop Camper: Hütte Hut™

This teardrop camper called Hütte Hut™ seems to be inspired by domes. Maybe it’s just me, but I think you might understand when you look inside.

At a first glance, I immediately fell in love with the design. To me it’s probably the best looking teardrop trailer I’ve ever seen. What do you think?

It’s created by a company called Sprouting Sprocket Studio and I just think it’s absolutely awesome. I’m excited to show you it and I encourage you to enjoy, learn more and re-share below.

Dome Inspired Teardrop Camper: Hütte Hut™


Images © Hütte Hut™

hütte-hut-teardrop-camper-002 hütte-hut-teardrop-camper-003

Images © Hütte Hut™

Learn more: http://huttehut.com/


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  • Avatar Scott

    Your right, I fell instantly for this design. Now how can I adapt it to my houseboat plan;-) hmm

    • Avatar Alex

      Glad you liked it too Scott!

    • Avatar jerryd

      It’s easy Scott, Just build the hull as the roof!
      Aero wise this is good too. If the sides were curved inward some, more in front than back, it could be aero enough to cut the towing vehice drag!! Thus better mileage done well.
      This is mostly standard plywood boat building tech usually used for the hull, not the deck. One of the best looking, strong, light way to make mobile tiny homes.
      The builder did a great job showing how to do it well.

    • Avatar Susann

      Wow! It doesn’t even have a kitchen. The price is out of control.

  • Avatar Rusty

    That is beautiful . I agree the best looking teardrop I’ve seen. It looks so comfortable non claustrophobic just great.

  • Avatar Martha

    I’ve always loved teardrop campers, although this seems to be lacking in some of the amenities of the teardrop, such as a camp kitchen, but the full bed space plus the headroom would make it so much easier to stay inside, such as in rainy weather. The website showed the same pictures as above, and I hope they will release more photos and details of this model.

    • Avatar Alex

      Good point Martha, it is missing those key components (kitchen) although one might be able to get by with camping equipment but I guess that’s the downfall on this one. And I’ll make an update if we get more pictures available. I signed up for email updates to be alerted when more info is available.

  • Avatar Kika

    Thanks Alex. This is simply beautiful. Thx also for your fast response to my question. The zen house I asked about has obviously gotten alot of well deserved attention!

  • Avatar Marie

    I’m not a fan of tear drops because they’re so tiny, but this design really overcomes the tightness. And as someone else mentioned, this seems very adaptable to larger tiny homes.

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks Marie! Glad you liked this one too 🙂

  • Avatar Kevin

    Beautiful design, but without the kitchen I don’t consider it a ‘pure’ teardrop.

    • Avatar Alex

      Good point, Kevin. It does need a lil’ kitchen. Oh well. I guess we’d have to use a camp stove and cooler.

  • Avatar Comet

    While perhaps not THE prettiest tear drop I have ever seen–my heart belongs to the ORVIS hand built one at their flag ship store down the road from me—this is very sweet.

    If Bucky Fuller had a tear drop—this would be it!

  • Avatar Joseph E. Lerner

    Did anyone notice Hutte Hut’s price tag?
    The “base model” cost is $63,900!!
    I hope such predatory pricing causes such manufacturers to go out of business quickly.

  • Avatar Craig Patterson

    Everything about this design is stellar cept for one thing, the price.
    63 K…. are you kidding???

    • Yes beautiful!, but $64,000 sounds like California prices.
      For that you can get a 28′ custom made tiny home on wheels,
      WITH a kitchen and bathroom…….namaste’, rachel

  • Avatar Karen R

    Gorgeous! Personally, I want a bathroom, but this is ‘way beyond the basic teardrop.

  • Avatar Greg H

    This was just featured in Sunset magazine. When I saw the price my jaw dropped – $64,000! Yikes!

  • Avatar gale

    A fool and his money are soon parted:)

  • If these fools think people will pay $63,000 for this, I have some ocean front property to sell them in Las Vegas, Nevada for much less !!

  • Avatar Candide33

    That is the first time I have ever seen a teardrop with a bathroom in it! You head sticks out the top while you are on the toilet but at least it does have a toilet!

  • Avatar M Mancini

    63 000 base price..for a tent..forget it

  • Avatar Lisa

    It’s an attractive and innovative design, but for the price tag I could build a fancy THOW and buy the land to put it on. Good luck to them

    • Avatar Cooltruth

      I know, my 17.9 acres didn’t set me back that much and has a cabin already on it. Other than that, it’s a beauty…

  • It’s as cute as can be, but with the price tag does it come covered in gold? Or maybe with a car, driver and gas for a year? I’d rather buy land and build my on tiny house.

  • A really beautiful design and craftsmanship. Certainly meant for folks with money to spare at $63K pricetag, but the concepts can be adapted by anyone.

  • Avatar Gene

    The price excludes even my dreams about this trailer, but there’s nothing stopping any capable builders from making their own clones of it.

    The canvas top is great for ambient light, but a hard shell option would be nice – especially if you plan to leave it outside when not in use.

  • Avatar Gene

    I imagine the designers opted for beauty over practicality some areas – the front wood surface for a start. Minimizing the number of materials looks great, but the road is going to be hard on that side. Metal would handle impacts from rocks and road debris much better. The lack of any apparent door seals does little to convince me the rain won’t find a way in.

  • Avatar Bernadette

    I absolutely love little teardrop campers and own one myself! I must say though, this little one is way over priced at a starting of $63,900!! Ours was less than 1/5 that with many more amenities.

  • Avatar Rick

    Oh WoW, I have always loved domes & this has captured the feel beautifully, I would love to obtain detailed plans if available, PLEASE.

  • Avatar Theo

    I guess a lot of you are not familiar with woodworking. This looks to me like something a handyman could plan out, spend $2-300 plus the cost of the trailer frame, then knock together in a few weekends. I had a small shop, 8X12, built for me quite awhile back by a guy who did them part-time. He prefabbed the floor at home, the walls, etc., then trailered all to my place. Working alone, he had it totally put together, and shingled, in just under 4 hours. His work time at his home was probably about the same. Cost me a grand total of $780. Could have gotten it for about $35 less, except I wanted a window in the rear wall. That was in maybe 1996, and the shop is still in great shape.

  • Avatar Erik

    I’ve built a kayak from a kit, same kind of thing. With the price (omg) I will build my own version for a lot less

  • Avatar Robert Maniss

    The salesman told me it was very expensive but not for sale. Why it was just a piece of old dirty-looking canvas with some gal’s picture globbed all over it. And I didn’t think she was real good looking either. He said her first name was Mona with a last name of Lisa, I think. Never heard such a stupid name. They probably would have tried to soak me about $7 or $8. Told my wife next time I paint the garage I’ll do a picture of our dog. She’ll like that.

    All this ?- my feeble way of saying if you don’t like, don’t criticise. Just take the pictures above out to the garage and compare them to the one parked there that You built.

  • Avatar Dianna

    Beautiful, but $63,900.00 base price?

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