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Here’s an awesome vacation property in Colorado Springs, just minutes from the “Garden of the Gods” and downtown. Dubbed the “Chicken Coop” because there used to be a coop on the property, this fully-renovated cabin looks nothing like a home for poultry!

Grand vaulted ceilings with skylights make the small space feel especially open. The bed is the main feature of the space, but a built-in corner dinette and a mini kitchen line the sidewall. There’s also a three-quarter bathroom with a tiled shower.

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Luxury Studio-Style Tiny Cabin in Colorado Springs

The “Chicken Coop” Studio-Style Cabin

Images via Airbnb/Whitney

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The Allwood Arlanda XXL is a 273 sq. ft. studio cabin garden house kit that you can order from Amazon.

It can be configured into a tiny cabin, guest space, hobby room, home office, or just about anything else you can think of.

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273 Sq. Ft. Studio Cabin Garden House Kit

273 Sq. Ft. Tiny House You Can Order On Amazon

Images via Allwood/Amazon

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This is the story of how this couple moved into a modern 330 sq. ft. tiny studio cabin in Austin, Texas.

From the outside, you’ll see that it has a modern look combined with a classic country style with it’s covered front porch and rocking chairs.

When you go inside, you’ll find a full bathroom, kitchen, living area, and a sleeping area. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Couple Move into a Modern 330 Sq. Ft. Tiny Studio Cabin

Couple Move into a Modern 330 Sq. Ft. Tiny Studio Cabin

Images © FYI Television Network via YouTube

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This tiny studio cabin is submitted by Dr. Rodney Pygoya Chang – share yours!

This cute studio was just completed (July 2015). It’s designed to be both an art studio as well as guest room detached from the existing residence.

Hopefully the bright colors will stimulate the occupant’s creative juices. The main house has about 2500 sq feet under roof whereas the studio offers just 144 sq. ft. of interior space with an 8’x12′ covered deck. It overlooks the natural rain forest up here at Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii in the U.S. state of Hawaii. The owner actually resides in Honolulu on the main island of Oahu.

The playful bungalow serves as a relaxing alternative to crowded urban living and the hustle and bustle of Honolulu, recently ranked 3rd for the worst traffic in a major American city. Volcano Village itself is nestled in a rain forest that is perched on the slope, close to the top, of active Kilauea Volcano. A devastating eruption is predicted to happen every 500 years. It’s being about 500 years since the last lava spill… So, considering the impending risk, small with its cost containment is good!

144 Sq. Ft. Colorful Studio Cabin in Hawaii


Images © Dr. Rodney Pygoya Chang

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In the woods of Chappaqua, New York is this modern studio cabin. Designed by, Workshop APD, the team made this modern cabin blend beautifully with the surrounding area.

I can see this being a great weekend retreat spot or even office space to get away from the hustling city life. Or if you are an artist or author what a great space to get creative in.

What do you think of this modern studio cabin? Although there are no interior photos how would you design the inside of this cabin? Share your comments with us below.

300 Sq. Ft. Modern Studio Cabin


Images © Workshop APD

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This 280 sq. ft. tiny cabin is on a 10,019 sq. ft. riverfront lot in the woods. The listing says it’s 280 sq. ft., but to me it looks like it’s bigger than that. What do you think? Is it actually 280 sq. ft. or do you think it’s bigger than that?

There is no phone or Internet service here. The cabin is in a historic neighborhood called Old Kingvale in Truckee, California. It was listed right for $139,000. The listing says, “cash only,” because the, “property doesn’t qualify for conventional financing.” To me that’s a sign that there may be issues (permits, title, etc.) associated with the property so please do your research.  There’s a river you can listen to right from the deck of the cabin. You can even fish in the river from the backdoor. Sounds pretty relaxing, doesn’t it? And the cabin is beautiful too. The interior is all wood. The listing says it has new wiring, plumbing, and septic. What do you think?

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Riverfront Tiny Cabin in the Woods


Images © Zillow/Coldwell Banker/Carrie Hoyt

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