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Simple Country Life in a 16×26 Kanga Tiny Cottage

This 16×26 country cabin was built for a client by Kanga Room Systems in Texas. This little cabin offers about 416 sq. ft. of space without including the upstairs sleeping loft.

As soon as you approach the cabin you can see the classic covered front porch for relaxing. Go inside and you’ll find everything you need! Starting with an open living area with a kitchen, downstairs bedroom, washer/dryer, and a cozy upstairs sleeping loft with two beds.

So how would you like to live a simple life in a little country cabin like this one? Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

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Country Living in a 16×26 Kanga Cabin


Images © Kanga

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Images © Kanga

Learn more: http://kangaroomsystems.com/

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  • Avatar Cahow

    BEAUTIFUL iconic tiny home! Exceptional use of the space and I adore their decorating style. The red beams in the loft are that extra touch of “special” that make homes so memorable.

    ~clap-clap-clap~ to ALL involved in producing this gem! <3

  • Avatar alice h

    Love all the covered outdoor space. Really handy in rain country. Pretty comfy digs. I’d be tempted to build another loft at the other end for a library or sewing room.

    • Avatar Kay

      That’s a great idea about the extra loft. For myself, I’d take out that bird cage in the downstairs bedroom and put a sewing machine in that spot.

      I love the colors of the house and whole layout. Great job!!

      • Avatar Linda

        Evicting the bird… heartless ;-D

      • Clyde, my Quaker parrot, has read the reviews and he wants his home left in place for now. He can decide where and if it should be moved. He made me type this comment . 🙂

  • Avatar Steve C

    I like the idea of tiny homes, but this small home makes sense to me for a longterm down-sizing solution. I have lived in 800-122sf by myself, but this seems to fulfill my desire to cut the excess but still have reasonable comforts — especially since I work from home.

  • Avatar AnnieinKC

    I really love the covered area outside. I’d make the whole upstairs a closet with a huge triangle window at the far end. One like it at houzzed com. I’d use Resource Furniture fold out wall bed downstairs, maybe the 7′ desk that folds out to a twin bed. Great home! Thanks for sharing.

  • Avatar Lisa E.

    Love the covered porch and the covered area for outdoor dining. Still not down with the ladder, though.

    • Avatar margie hughes

      I would store the ladder and use when needed

  • Avatar Rick Wise

    This is what the better half and I have been looking for si there a way to get dirgram and specs so we may build one. Great house.

  • Avatar Lynnette

    This is gorgeous. But agreed I think that builders should give these homes storage/shelving stairs to the lofts. Double duty extra storage and not having a ladder which makes it not only more appealing but more functional for those (me) that’d have a heck of a time climbing a ladder.

  • Avatar Sparrow

    I agree with the folks above – the only real weakness of this lovely cabin is the ladder. I’ve seen other tiny houses that managed to install staircases, and it was done so cleverly that the staircases took up minimal space and were so charming that they added to the house’s character. Thanks for posting this. This site rocks!

    • Avatar Linda

      I agree. It seems that the layout didn’t allow for a staircase.

  • Avatar Brian

    This small house is eye candy to me. I would like to make the access to the loft via a stairway rather than a ladder. Well done and many thanks for sharing. Cheers from Australia

  • Avatar Ken

    My favorite. I agree about stairs vs ladder. Versatile layout that does deliver all that I would need. Might build it out of logs and flagstone if I can make it fit my budget. Just a great place inside and out. Will work well with central S. C. landscape.

  • Avatar Harry

    Agree with most everyone who commented. Nice use of space and attractive. As for the ladder I think an alternative might be a covered outside staircase. The house is obviously meant for a temperate climate and the loft as a spare bedroom, so an outside entrance might be fitting.

    • Avatar leili

      Your excellent idea would be especially fitting given this cottage’s location in TX Hill Country (albeit in its southern reaches). Fredericksburg’s famous “Sunday Houses” built by German settlers in the area in the 19th c for their, ahem, tiny houses in town where they would come in from their rural farms & ranches to attend church, shop & socialize on weekends frequently featured an outdoor staircase to access sleeping quarters in the lofts. It’s not a rainy climate and rarely very cold, so they usually aren’t even covered.

  • Loving it! Perfect for me, an old gramma 🙂

  • Avatar Canyon Man

    I understand about the ladder comments to a point. But I would rather climb the ladder than lay in a card board box at the corner of Walk and Don’t Walk. Just my humble opinion.

  • Avatar barb

    I like this a lot, especially the porch and the carport. The kitchen is not just functional, but usable, and the option for a washer/dryer combo was considered in the design, not just thrown in as an afterthought. The space it occupies could also be a pantry or entry coat closet if on-site laundry isn’t a priority for you. I also favor stairs (with storage) over a ladder to the loft. Love to see signs of non-human occupation, too!

  • Avatar Glen

    Now this is nice. A decent sized loft and a good sized bathroom. Very appealing.

  • Avatar Will B.

    Nicely done! Cozy and livable.

  • Avatar vicki

    this is one of my faves…bedroom downstairs, porch, covered area for bad weather its really nice love it

  • Avatar Gael

    I totally could live in this space. I’d probably use the loft for storage &/or guests. Not sure where the washer & dryer are. That is one thing I’m willing to give up space to. Would like a stacking washer/dryer. I’ve seen a couple tiny houses with them, but not many. I guess the idea is off-grid for many which means making other arrangements for laundry or hand wash.

  • Avatar Paula

    Perfection! My favorite of all! I too need staircase vs. ladder, but can absolutely see that change happening with only minor adjustment to the floor plan! Love this! Thank you so much!

  • Avatar Martha

    It looks to me that there is enough space to pull that ladder out to a less steep angle, and do the storage box/drawers thing behind the ladder to the wall. Everything else in this house is perfect!

  • Love Kanga, but here’s what I’d do:
    Flip the bedroom and bathroom, and get rid of the bedroom (I’m a 62 year old single). Extend the kitchen maybe 1/3 or 1/2 way into the old bathroom space, allowing for more counter space (I’m also a cook) +/or a pantry and a washer/dryer/laundry on the opposite side of the new kitchen space. Use the other half of the old bathroom for a mud room (I’m at 9000′ in the Colorado Rockies), and as has been suggested, a storage staircase to the loft, or a storage ladder (I’m a personal trainer/Spinning instructor, and just got down from climbing my 20′ ladder to brush the 8″ of snow off my internet dish), as ladders are not a problem for me (now), or even a spiral staircase. Use what used to be the bedroom for a dining area, office, or whatever, but keep it open (no wall/door). I think this would open up the living area and still allow for guests to use this area for sleeping, if necessary.
    Thanks, Alex, for continuing to highlight great tiny homes on wheels or not, and your work is much appreciated.

  • Avatar Chava

    Love it! Perfect except ladder instead of stairs.

  • Avatar Margie

    Beautiful house! One thing I would change is take the ladder away and add wrought iron spiral stairs. You can still see your wall decorations and it gives an open feeling. Also love you enclosed outdoor living space. Good Job!

  • Avatar Maria West

    I want that !!!!!

  • Avatar Mary

    Has anyone tried to make a staircase that folds away..(nesting table type) So that when you need it you can pull it away from the wall and if not push it back taking up 1 stair step of space in a tall column. I am not an engineer so I don’t know if it is doable. I would never use the loft unless my grandsons came over.

    • Avatar Large Marge

      Similar to a Murphy bed, but a Murphy stairs? [wheels churning]

      Telescoping? Nesting in a vertical flat until needed, then a tug on the lowest step expands the unit for use… clack clack clack.

      This would be simple to fabricate from metal, a few rollers and stops…

      Mary, darling, have we told you lately, you are a genius!

  • Avatar gale

    Another winner for the baby boomers. Cute as can be and livable for seniors or disabled. Love serinf these types of homes mixed in with the really tiny ones. Something for everyone.
    Thanks Alex for all your hard work.

  • Avatar Brenda Spencer

    Lovely! We are building a similar home but 32 sq. ft. Less, 384. I am so anxious to share it, we are almost in it!

  • Avatar Karen R

    No ladder EVER, but a spiral stair would be nice (my husband has MS and loves spiral stairs because he can lean on the rail as he goes up and down).

  • Avatar Sylvie

    There must be a way to have a set of stairs that can be opened when needed and folded flat to the wall when not in use. Haven’t seen anything like it yet in these tiny/small home designs.

  • Love it, but don’t care for lofts. Check out Tight Space Furniture dot com for the space saving furniture for these tiny houses and don’t forget to share.

  • Avatar Beverly Rock

    I love this house. The only thing I would want is a stove. I love that it has a bedroom and you could have guests in the loft. I can see myself sitting out on the porch.

  • Really great example of what I considered to be a tiny house before the tiny house movement even started… I had ideas of building something of the same stature as this one, or to find a tiny cracker house in my area and move it to the property of my choosing which to would have almost looked identical as this when finished of renovations in order to bring it up to code…! I am however skeptical of asking how much this one costs to build, as I am afraid it would far exceed what I had planned for…. But it is a beautiful tiny house nonetheless.. OH…! And I agree with the stair consensus, as I have a bad knee and climbing a ladder would be difficult for me, so I would think stairs would be the more marketable preference feature in a house of this type as I see more and more folks these days with whom suffer with the same afflictions….!

  • Avatar Kim

    Awesome! Best tiny cabin yet. Love the bedroom too. Great layout

  • Avatar Angie

    It always cracks me up how upset people get about ladders…when you make your own, make stairs, NBD 🙂 Clearly, in this picture, the loft houses children or young people, so it’s totally appropriate that they would save money and put in a ladder. Sure, you can squeeze in more storage space with stairs, but they take up more floor and cost more. But that’s not hard to change to fit your needs 🙂 I think this house is perfect! Just adorable.

  • Avatar Sally B

    Rarely am I speechless, but I am!

  • Avatar Bonnie

    Love this. Absolutely beautiful! Can you tell me the cost? Bonnie

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