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144 Sq. Ft. Backyard Shed Art Studio

This is a 144 sq. ft. backyard shed art studio built by Historic Shed.

It has a 4′ extension on the roof for a covered front porch and it’s painted beautifully.

This backyard shed has French doors on three sides so it has a lot of light and openness.

It also has cypress siding and a metal roof. When the french doors are open you get a nice breeze inside, too.

The shed has built in shelves along the back wall and a mini-split AC system. Let’s take a look inside.

Backyard Shed Built as Art Studio for Homeowner


Images © Historic Shed

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Images © Historic Shed

Original story: http://historicshed.com/2013/05/a-sunny-artist-studio-shed/


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  • Avatar Sally

    I see an expensive Christmas gift to myself in the future. LOVE those doors, like little verandahs. Thanks to Alex for sharing these lovely, quality studios.

  • Avatar Comet

    I saw what they did there!

    Love the idea of building a riser on castors for a work table–makes it mobile and still useable as a regular height table.

    And you could write a whole book on the theme of:::

    Cre ate—An Avocado
    Cre ate—A Biscuit
    Cre ate–A Copper penny
    Cre didn’t Digest the Copper penny
    Cre went to the Emergency Room

    Who IS Cre and WHY is he so HUNGRY?

    • Avatar Paul

      Bwa ha ha, gotta love your sense of humour.

      Obviously this post got your cre ate ive juices running… ; )

  • Avatar Susan

    Adore this studio! We have shed at our farm and this is exactly what I want to do to it! Thanks so much for sharing:)

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