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This is a mobile furniture concept by Atelier OPA that functions as a mobile kitchen, foldaway guest bedroom, and a foldaway office.

When you’re not using them, they simply fold up into boxes on wheels. When you fold them out, they add an incredible degree of function to your space.

It’s called the Kenchikukagu by Atelier OPA architects. Wouldn’t these be great for tiny and small homes? I thought so! Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Mobile Furniture Box Unfolds to Kitchen, Bedroom or Office

Mobile Furniture Box Unfolds to Kitchen, Bedroom or Office

Images © Atelier OPA

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Over at Micro Showcase, Sharon goes over the three basic types of tables that transform and serve multiple purposes in your tiny or small home.

He shows you examples of coffee tables that are able to expand into dining tables. And dining tables that can be super compact when not in use.

Please take a look at these furniture options and re-share them with your friends below. Thank you.

Expanding Tables for Small Spaces

Expanding Dining Table Furniture for small spaces

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I’m excited to share this new small space furniture called Rest Relax because I think it might be perfect for studios, tiny houses and lofts.

It’s multi-functional and space saving furniture that can be used as footstools, beds, and sofas. They’ve got several multi-functional furniture designs for small spaces in the works which is very exciting.

One of them is a gaming chair that doubles as a double bed. Please enjoy, leave your thoughts in the comments below (which is your favorite?) and re-share below.

Rest Relax Space Saving Small Space Furniture


Images © RestRelax

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I’m thrilled to show you this all-in-one tiny house furniture called 3Moods by UNAMO design studio in Spain. It’s not only for tiny houses because it works well for just about any small space thanks to its multi-functionality.

But basically… It’s a sofa, bed, chaise lounge, armchair, desk, dining table, and 4 benches, in one. And it can serve up to 8 people. What?! Yeah. It’s the most versatile piece of furniture I think I’ve ever seen. So of course, I know it would work perfectly in a tiny home, micro apartment, or any other small space. And I just had to share it with you. Please enjoy and re-share below.

3Moods All-in-One Multi-functional Furniture Kit


Images © UNAMO Design Studio

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I love getting to show you space saving small space furniture like this multi-functional table that converts into a bookshelf. Pretty neat, right? On top of the multi-functional nature of this piece it’s also made from reclaimed wood so every each unit is different.

It’s definitely a high priced but also seems like a high quality and unique piece that’s made to last. But really I just had to show it to you and ask you what you think about it?

Would you use this or something like it in your current or future small space? It’s different, isn’t it?

Multi-functional Table That Converts into Bookshelf


Images © dotandbo

See more and- how it works- below:

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In this post I’m showing you a 129 sq. ft. micro apartment in Paris with kitchen, bed and bath.

And how this woman re-created the space to meet her needs in this tiny space (granted she is an architect).

But when you go inside into the living room the bed rolls right out of wall and if you roll it out only half way you can use it as a couch.

After you enjoy the photo tour, video tour, interview, and discussion below I’d like to ask you to join our discussion in the comments (would you rather live in tiny house in your favorite rural setting or a micro apartment in your favorite city?)

How This Woman Went Tiny in a Paris Micro Apartment

All of the pillows and everything you need to make the bed are stored in wall cabinets right by the roll out bed.

So essentially your living room transforms into your bedroom whenever you’d like. But it gets even more interesting…

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Do you have a small space but still want to be able to enjoy outdoor furniture?

I received these photos in a forward from one of our readers, John M.

This furniture design is perfect if you have an outside area that serves multiple functions because you can easily stack the entire furniture set so that it occupies minimal space.

Hideaway Patio Set for Small Outdoor Spaces

When it’s stacked it doesn’t require more space than what you need to stand in a room.

Once you unstack the set it becomes four chairs, a table and a cushions.

Thank you, John, for sharing. If you know the manufacturer or designer of the chairs please share in the comments.

If you know who took the photos please let me know as well as I’d love to show proper credit. Thanks!

Stackable Patio Set for Small Outdoor Spaces Four Lounge Chairs and a Table that Stack into One

Photo Credits and Design By: Dedon

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For this week’s small space furniture series I wanted to reintroduce you to study carrels.

I am sure that you’ve used one of these in the past at your school, college or library in the past.

These little privacy booths give you the ability to focus on your work or studies.

Custom Study Carrels for Work or Study in Small Spaces

I’m currently working on opening up a co-workspace where I live in Florida.

Since the location I’m renting is really small I decided that I wanted to use study carrels to create privacy for each workstation.

Then I thought this would be a great way to stay focused while you work at home on your dining table. It’s a super simple way for you to focus and block out any distractions around you.

Here are your options. You can:

  • Make your own out of plywood or cardboard
  • Order the inexpensive ready made cardboard version
  • Design and build your own
  • Order them ready made for more money
Cheap Study Carrels

Photo Courtesy of ClassRoomProducts.com

Study Carrels so you can Work out of Your Small Space

You can use these to create a more focused work environment on any of your current tables or desks.

The next option is to purchase or build your own custom made workstation with privacy panels.

On the rest of this post I’ll show you some great examples of what I found on the internet while doing research for my options.

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Last weekend on small space furniture #19 we explored murphy beds.

If you’re in a tiny or small house it’s important to choose the right furniture.

So I stumbled onto something called Mobile Wallbeds.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to move
  • Good looking

And they also look comfortable because you get a full-sized regular spring mattress.

In addition, they offer a few different kinds of multipurpose beds which we’ll explore right here.

Hidden Bed & Desk

The most interesting part about this one is that if you in the middle of a project and just want to set up the bed to sleep, it’s no problem.

You don’t have to clear up your desk or anything. Just fold the bed down and the desk will be waiting for you as it was in the morning.

Here’s how it works

Desk that Turns to Bed
Photo Credits: Wallbeds ‘n More

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