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Rest Relax Small Space Furniture

I’m excited to share this new small space furniture called Rest Relax because I think it might be perfect for studios, tiny houses and lofts.

It’s multi-functional and space saving furniture that can be used as footstools, beds, and sofas. They’ve got several multi-functional furniture designs for small spaces in the works which is very exciting.

One of them is a gaming chair that doubles as a double bed. Please enjoy, leave your thoughts in the comments below (which is your favorite?) and re-share below.

Rest Relax Space Saving Small Space Furniture


Images © RestRelax

rest-relax-gaming-chair-bed-02 rest-relax-sofa-bed-01 rest-relax-sofa-bed-02 rest-relax-sofa-bed-03 rest-relax-footstool-bed-01 rest-relax-footstool-bed-02 rest-relax-footstool-bed-03 rest-relax-footstool-bed-04 rest-relax-footstool-bed-05 rest-relax-footstool-bed-06


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Alex is a contributor and editor for TinyHouseTalk.com and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Thank you!
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  • Cahow
    December 9, 2014, 1:51 pm

    GREAT dorm or guest room furniture! 😀

    • Alex
      December 9, 2014, 3:22 pm

      Yup! Or even an extra loft, etc. 🙂

  • Bonnie Lynch
    December 9, 2014, 4:16 pm

    Love the ottoman-to-twin-bed idea!

    • Alex
      December 10, 2014, 10:48 am

      Me too! Glad you liked it too Bonnie 🙂

  • Karen R
    December 9, 2014, 8:48 pm

    If the prices are reasonable, these are great for tiny living.

    • Alex
      December 10, 2014, 10:37 am

      Thanks Karen!

  • Debbie
    December 9, 2014, 11:02 pm

    This furniture has great promise! Keep up the good work!

    • Alex
      December 10, 2014, 10:37 am

      Thanks Debbie!

  • Brenda Russell
    December 18, 2014, 1:17 pm

    The gray sofa with hot pink piping that flips out into sleeping on the floor gives me nightmares of sinking so far into the stacked foam (I assume) cushions that I’m never heard from again ;-). Other than that, the concept is great, while these are obviously the first wave. Can’t wait to see what happens next . . .

  • January 17, 2015, 9:54 am

    Thanks for all the great comments and support THT members. Our first wave is now up and ready on the website.

    If you have any great ideas for new designs, we would love to hear from you. We’ve got 10 new designs in development including a cool kids range that will be launching later this year.

    All the best, and thanks again for the support and comments.


  • di
    March 15, 2015, 9:00 am

    A daybed or sofa bed may be less work.

  • Deni
    March 17, 2015, 6:21 pm

    Ok totally cool and loving it but when you guys going to come to the US? We need cute tiny furniture here too.

  • Tami Hills
    July 18, 2015, 10:23 am

    The foam sofa’s look like they are a good solution for a space that needs additional sleeping space.
    What about a sofa that provides storage ?
    As an Organizer – what I notice with peoples furniture is, the
    sofa arms take up to much space.
    The hot pink is a nice touch – but might scare some people away – maybe do one that is a bit more neutral.
    Here’s another idea : provide alternate slip covers to wash and change seasonally. This is great for people who have kids and pets.
    My little simple ikea sofa got me through my child’s spilling years and I had a dog who rubbed on it and it would get filthy.
    I would put the alternate one on ( bought it on ebay) and stain remove all the crap on the other one . it was quite the chore but it would last for about 6 months. And it was white. I loved it.
    Good luck with your endeavors ! A good sofa is hard to find.

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