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Couple’s DIY Tiny House on Wheels For Sale

This DIY Tiny House on Wheels For Sale is a Guest Post by Ethan Ramirez

Fifteen months ago my girlfriend Kelsey and I started work on our second tiny house. At first everyone assumed we were building another house because the first was too small. They would ask, “are you building the second one bigger?” Our answer was, “no we are actually going smaller.”

As you can probably imagine people wanted to know why, and the reason is we felt that we could make an even smaller house even more efficient. We found that our first house was laid out in a manner that did not take full advantage of its footprint and we wanted to prove to ourselves that we could not only do it better but in a smaller footprint.

So we began working and after three months of long days we finally completed our even smaller tiny house. Unit 2 was it’s title and we were excited to begin our lives inside it’s cozy interior.

Our time spent in Unit 2 was very happy and we will always remember that time of our life fondly but due to a new opportunity we have been presented with we have come to the decision to find Unit 2 a new owner. Someone who will love it and enjoy it as much as we have.

Tiny House Couple Selling 2nd Tiny House on Wheels


Images © Ethan Ramirez

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Images © Ethan Ramirez

The house is only 84 sq. ft. The interior features a kitchen space with a long counter top with a sink built in. There is no water run into the house, while living in the house all water was hauled in and out, but the sink is located next to the wooden exterior wall making it easy to set plumbing into.

There is a refrigerator located under the counter top and plenty of storage both under and above the counter. The A/C unit is mounted into the wall and all of the windows are set across from each other allowing for a nice cross breeze.

Across from the kitchen is a large standing desk with storage again both below and above with a book shelf. In the back half of the house sits the sleeping area and living room. Unlike more “conventional” tiny houses (if you can even say that) our sleeping area is not up high it is instead down below the loft, this helped us stay cool at night during the Texas Summer heat.

Down in the sleeping area there are shelves placed above the bed in the beams that hold the loft up. There are also two windows in the sleeping area that help bring not only light but fresh air into the space. Above the sleeping area rests the living space. In the living space there is a large closet and storage shelves, behind the storage sits a small seating bench and across from the seat is where we had our TV for watching movies and more book storage (so many books in a tiny space.)

There is no bathroom built inside the house. We built an outhouse with a shower and toilet and running sink. The house has several electrical outlets one for at least every space in the house plus a dedicated outlet for the AC and refrigerator. All of the lights in the house are directional to fit any needs. The house is located in between Austin and San Antonio TX.

This Tiny House Is For Sale! Learn More…

If you’re interested in owning this tiny house we once called home please let us know, we are asking $12k. Feel free to contact us through email at tinyhouseask AT yahoo DOT com we are open for conversation, concerns and offers. We hope everyone has a lovely day.

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  • Isabelle Alston
    December 9, 2014, 3:45 am

    Your website did not mention how the 85sqft was heated?

  • Paul
    December 9, 2014, 5:49 pm

    I can’t understand why you would use rusty corrugated iron on the roof and the porch. False economy to my mind. Not to mention aesthetically challenging.

    • Ethan
      December 9, 2014, 6:53 pm

      Just to make sure others are also aware. The roof of the house uses blue coated metal just like the sides. Only the awnings which are detachable use reclaimed metal.

  • Sophia Rose
    December 11, 2014, 8:13 pm

    I LOVE IT !!! Have been ‘looking’ at tiny living spaces since 1990 when a ‘kit’ purchased from a ‘local’ building store cost ONLY $2,000 !!!
    Living in a 1970 RV in FL …lol owning TONS of books this would be a ‘perfect’ space for me !! The air condition & a small heater in any climate is sufficient for this space 🙂 A person could ‘easily’ use a compost toilet 🙂 I’m extremely ‘impressed’ with the layout and design.. also my fav lol color IS green !! Continued success to you both !!! hummm I’m dreaming again … 🙂

    • Ethan
      December 12, 2014, 11:33 am

      Thank you for you kind words I am glad you like the house! Help spread the word so the house can again be filled with love and joy! Have a great day!

  • vickie
    July 29, 2016, 1:14 pm

    only thing im curious about is that bed space?.. you crawl into the bed under the floor? makes me hurt thinking about it.

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