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Tiny House Furniture

If you’re looking for tiny house furniture you’ll find a variety of options and designs. From multi-functional, space-saving designs to very simple and utilitarian concepts, and everything in-between.

You’ll find ‘Do-It-Yourself’ bed lifts that hide into your ceiling, tables and chairs sets that stowaway, expanding tables, fold-away tables, multi-functional built-ins, staircases with built-in storage, and so much more.

Here are some of my favorite tiny house furniture showcases:

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A New Beginning in Their Mold-Free Tiny Home

Olivia Farabaugh is a singer-songwriter in the Nashville area who was diagnosed a few years ago with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) after living in an apartment riddled with black mold. Her health was rapidly declining, and they needed a way to control their environment — so they went tiny! This custom tiny house was [...]

Paying Off Student Loans in Their Tiny House on Wheels 4

Paying Off Student Loans in Their Tiny House on Wheels

This couple had more than $100,000 in student loan debt and being able to purchase a home was a far-off dream, but going tiny allowed them to have their own space at an affordable price. They had the THOW professionally built, and they live in the Acony Bell Tiny House Community in North Carolina. Their [...]

Leaving Santa Cruz for Tiny Home in the Mountains 9

Family’s Beautiful Mountain Tiny Home

Tracy and her family were ready for something different. Living in closer quarters in Santa Cruz during lockdowns was exhausting, but there was something magical about getting away to the mountains where her parents lived. They’re now proud owners of a tiny house on wheels built by New Frontier Design. There’s a fun loft for [...]

Off-Grid Living in their Mitchcraft THOW

Off-Grid Living in their Mitchcraft THOW

You might remember when we featured this home as a new build back in May. Well, it gets better! Kay and Pete have moved in, and we did a little Q&A with them about their tiny lifestyle. I love seeing “lived-in” tiny houses, and their idyllic spot on family land makes the best backdrop for [...]

Modular Dwelling. 7

Nordic-Style Tiny House Built in Tennessee by Modular Dwellings

This beautiful Scandinavian-Inspired tiny home is called the Nordic Abode and features a striking minimalist design. There’s a kitchen and bedroom space, divided by a compact bathroom with a shower, toilet, and vanity. The interior walls are whitewashed pine and there’s a sink, cooktop, and spot for a mini-fridge under the counter. Big picture windows [...]

Why They Think Their $90K THOW Was Worth the Investment 2

Why Their $90,000 Tiny House Made Sense

Bre & Destiny wanted to own something before turning 30, but a $500,000 home in the Portland area just wasn’t in the cards for them. That’s when they started looking into tiny homes and realized the $90K price tag was far more manageable. At the moment, they spend about $2,000 a month on their loan [...]

Airbnb-Ready Tiny Home with Ground Floor Bedroom 19

Airbnb-Ready Tiny Home with Ground Floor Bedroom

Looking for a compact tiny house on wheels with a ground floor bedroom? This cutie is 160 square feet and manages to fit in a queen-sized bedroom as well as a twin loft for kids or guests. It’s for sale in Orlando, Florida for $39,900. You can purchase the unit from Simplify Further Tiny Homes [...]