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Tiny House Furniture

If you’re looking for tiny house furniture you’ll find a variety of options and designs. From multi-functional, space-saving designs to very simple and utilitarian concepts, and everything in-between.

You’ll find ‘Do-It-Yourself’ bed lifts that hide into your ceiling, tables and chairs sets that stowaway, expanding tables, fold-away tables, multi-functional built-ins, staircases with built-in storage, and so much more.

Here are some of my favorite tiny house furniture showcases:

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Tiny house Perseverance 7

Perseverance Tiny House w/ Floating Staircase

This Baluchon build was created for Estelle, Gaëtan and their cat Mina, who live in this tiny house all year round in Loire-Atlantique, France. The couple chose a design with two connected lofts in case they ever add a baby to their family! The 20-foot trailer includes everything you could want for a little family [...]

Lilla Rustica The Tree House Guys 12

Lilla Rustica: Vermont Treehouse with Ramp Access

Meet the “Lilla Rustica,” a tiny treehouse in Vermont with gorgeous mountain views. The best part? You don’t have to climb a ton of steps to get inside — there’s a nice sloped bridge that takes you from property and into the treehouse. Inside there’s both a cozy downstairs bed nook, and a loft bed [...]

Jack’s $22K DIY Tiny House in Colorado

Jack’s $22K DIY Tiny House in Colorado

Jack’s ultimate goal is to have a fully off-grid and self-sustaining homestead, while living in his tiny house. And he has the tiny house part all finished! It took him three years and $22,000, but the result is an adorable THOW with a stand-up loft bedroom. He has an instant hot water heater, deep farm [...]

Theresa’s Manwaring mini mansion 22

40×10 Movable Roots Tiny House For Family Farm

Wait until you see all the glorious storage in this park model tiny house built for Theresa by Movable Roots! The 40×10 home even has a mudroom, which was important since Theresa is placing her home on the family farm where she works — she needed a spot for those muddy boots! Everything about the [...]

Birch-tastic New Hampshire THOW 16

New Hampshire Tiny House With Birch-Tree Wall Art

This tiny house vacation has five full stars on Airbnb: Proof of what a spectacular stay you could have. This “Birch-tastic” THOW features beautiful birch-tree wall art that really brings the outdoors, inside. There’s a lovely kitchen area, a compact bathroom, and a spacious loft bedroom with yet more birch artwork. The setting, though, really [...]

wildlife sanctuary geodesic dome

Wildlife Sanctuary Geodesic Dome Vacation

Here’s another super cool geodesic dome home, this one tucked in a Wildlife Sanctuary which is sure to make for a unique stay. It features a large living room and kitchen, along with a king bedroom and spacious bathroom on the first floor. There’s another king bedroom and private bathroom upstairs! This would be a [...]

Daisy Allyson’s DIY Tiny House Bilt in Her 60s 2

Daisy: Allyson’s DIY Tiny House Built in Her 60s

In her mid-fifties, Allyson started to worry — she hadn’t saved anything for retirement and knew if she wanted to keep paying rent she would need to work indefinitely. But around that time, she heard about tiny living and decided that was the path for her. She started learning carpentry skills and finding inexpensive windows [...]

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