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Small Space Furniture #21: Study Carrels

For this week’s small space furniture series I wanted to reintroduce you to study carrels.

I am sure that you’ve used one of these in the past at your school, college or library in the past.

These little privacy booths give you the ability to focus on your work or studies.

Custom Study Carrels for Work or Study in Small Spaces

I’m currently working on opening up a co-workspace where I live in Florida.

Since the location I’m renting is really small I decided that I wanted to use study carrels to create privacy for each workstation.

Then I thought this would be a great way to stay focused while you work at home on your dining table. It’s a super simple way for you to focus and block out any distractions around you.

Here are your options. You can:

  • Make your own out of plywood or cardboard
  • Order the inexpensive ready made cardboard version
  • Design and build your own
  • Order them ready made for more money
Cheap Study Carrels

Photo Courtesy of ClassRoomProducts.com

Study Carrels so you can Work out of Your Small Space

You can use these to create a more focused work environment on any of your current tables or desks.

The next option is to purchase or build your own custom made workstation with privacy panels.

On the rest of this post I’ll show you some great examples of what I found on the internet while doing research for my options.

Desktop Study Carrel to Focus in Small or Shared Spaces

Photo Courtesy of Ergoedu.com

Coworkspace or Internet Learning Center?

This week I decided to rent out a separate office so that I no longer have to work from home because I want to have a truly dedicated space for my work. Fortunately I found a location that’s within walking distance of my house.

Since I don’t need an entire office I will be creating 2-6 additional workstations in the commercial location I’m working on getting and renting them out to other individuals who currently work from home.

Either that or turning the entire space into a learning center for emerging Internet technologies like blogging and social media. The coworkspace idea sounds simpler and less demanding although of course less profitable. What do you think?

Small Space Furniture: Coworkspace Study Carrels

Photo Courtesy of GlobalIndustrial.com

Where To Get Your Own Study Carrel or Private Workstation

The first thing you can do is design and build your own using high end plywood. It shouldn’t cost you more than $50 to build one as long as you have all of the tools. Otherwise you can still rent the tools or borrow them from someone.

Your other options are to simply order them, here are some great places to look:

Study Carrels for Coworkspaces, Libraries, Internet Cafes, Learning Centers and More

Photo Courtesy of Demco.com

I’ll keep you updated as it progresses but for now share your ideas with me in the comments below. What do you think I can use to create an affordable, awesome and simple coworkspace?

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  • Pamela McCord
    October 26, 2011, 1:26 am

    If you have a storage closet, they make great little home offices. There are many examples on the net to borrow from. I took the liberty of sharing a link.


  • October 27, 2011, 10:38 am

    Thanks Pamela I am so glad you shared. I was so happy to find all of these examples. I actually didn’t even know they were called study carrels until I did some research online. After I found that I was able to find a bunch of options. I love your link… It’s great what you can do with an extra storage closet because your office can hide away when you’re done. Beautiful!

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