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This is a video series that gives you insight into how to do your own van conversion with master woodworker Dipa Vasudeva Das.

He’s the one who converts work vans into incredible (and famous) custom campers like this one and this one.


Incredible DIY Campervan Conversion Video Series: How This Man Builds ‘Natural’ Tiny Homes Out of Work Vans!

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Tiny Heirloom is a tiny house builder that specializes in luxury tiny homes on wheels in Portland, Oregon.

You probably remember when I first showed you them. See this post and this one if you already haven’t.

Their first tiny home was built with dormers. But this one seems longer. What I really like about it is that you can definitely star gaze from bed! And that’s just awesome, isn’t it?

Tiny Heirloom has more than a decade of construction experience and are focused on offering dependable service with the highest quality materials using the clients imagination to create their future tiny home on wheels.

And today I’m really excited to show you their latest build because it’s just awesome. I mean look at it (below). Whether you’d live in it or not, please enjoy and re-share with your friends if you want to below. Thank you!

Tiny Heirloom’s Larger Luxury Tiny House on Wheels

Luxury Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Heirloom in Portland OR

Images © Tiny Heirloom

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I’m excited about showing you this Little Tiny House on wheels.

It was built based on the old Tumbleweed Fencl plans.

But modifications were made to to make it better suited for the owner/dweller.

Little Tiny House on Wheels

Come on in to see the rest of the tour of this little tiny house below:

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This 140 square foot tiny house on wheels sits on a 20′ x 8′ utility trailer.

It’s designed to be self-sufficient and is the home of Vina Lustado at Sol Haus Design.

She will be using portable solar panels and passive solar heating/cooling approach to go off the grid.

The walls, ceilings, and floors are highly insulated to help with this and additional heating is provided by a propane gas fireplace.

Like most tiny homes this one has an upstairs sleeping loft with a big skylight so you can see the moon and stars before bedtime.

Unlike most skylights in tiny houses, this one can actually open to let in the breeze. Here, I’ll show you below:

Skylight that Opens in a Tiny House

Image: Sol Haus Design on Facebook

I encourage you to learn more about this tiny home and enjoy the rest of the tour (in photo and video) below:

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