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This is a Shelter Wise Ciderbox design tiny home built by Wee Bitty Builders in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Wee Bitty Builders bought the design plans to build the Ciderbox, but have modified the interior to create a stunning 20′ x 8’6″ tiny home. The home has been professionally painted in a slate, white and blue color scheme that looks fresh and modern. The loft bedroom is accessible via stairs and there’s space in the kitchen for a refrigerator and induction cooktop (plus any other appliances you like). Enjoy the pictures below!

This build is for sale for $45,000 Canadian Dollars (~$33,336 USD). Get contact information for the builder on the last page.

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Wee Bitty Builders Shelter Wise Ciderbox For Sale

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These are the Shelter Wise Multi Purpose Tiny Mobiles for sale.

They can become homes, retail space, classrooms and more and sell as a pair for $38,500 and separately for $22,000 and $21,000.

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Shelter Wise Multi Purpose Tiny Mobiles


Images via Shelter Wise

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The Bunk Box Tiny House from Shelter Wise is a unique, modern design that leaves the wall framing and electrical exposed on the interior. This creates a valuable, seven extra inches of interior space that residents can use, see, and feel. With a flat roof and exposed ceiling framing, the sleeping loft offers extra height and increased functional space. Two skylights, six windows, and an optional second door bring the outside in and increase the feeling of spaciousness. Although it’s built on a 16 foot trailer, the Bunk Box lives as big as a 20 foot house.

Shelter Wise partner PAD Tiny Houses is offering a launch-only, one week sale on the new Bunk Box Tiny House Plans, so check them out ASAP! Check out the pictures and learn more about the design below!

The Warm and Modern Bunk Box Tiny House on Wheels!

Bunk Box Modern Tiny House on Wheels

All photos © Shelter Wise

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Looking for a spacious, modern tiny house layout with a relatively simple construction process? Then check out the new Hikari Box Tiny House Plans from designer/builder Shelter Wise! Shelter Wise took their experience custom-designing numerous tiny homes on wheels for clients over the last few years and combined all their favorite ideas into this design.

At 24 feet long, the Hikari Box is 184 square feet on the ground floor, with one 79 square foot loft for a queen bed and another 23 square foot loft for storage or a twin bed. It features 14 windows to let the light pour in (“Hikari” is Japanese for “light-filled”), and tons of storage in the kitchen, and in the Japanese tansu chest-inspired stairway to the main loft.

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The Light-Filled Hikari Box Tiny House on Wheels!

Hikari Box Tiny House Modern Exterior Shelter Wise PAD Tiny Houses

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This is the Miter Box Tiny House on Wheels. It’s designed by Shelter Wise LLC in Portland. And for a while, back in 2013, it was part of the Tiny House Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

You can still buy the tiny house plans from PAD Tiny Houses (they’re currently selling for $79.00) and you can use those plans to build your own version of the Miter Box or you can hire a contractor to do it for you (using the plans).

This tiny house was completed in June 2013. Its nickname is “The Miter Box” because of the precision of the project. This 90 square foot house features a dining table that converts into a queen bed, much like in many RVs. In addition, it offers two other lofts. And the bathroom is a wet bath.

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The Miter Box Tiny House on Wheels by Shelter Wise: Get the Plans and Build Your Own… 122 Sq. Ft. on the Main Floor + 28 Sq. Ft. Loft

The Miter Box: Modern Tiny House on Wheels by Shelter Wise LLC - Plans Available!

Let me give you the rest of the tour below:

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