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Meet Matthew, a restaurant chef with a super amazing skoolie he built out over two years with his dad. While he doesn’t travel the world, he enjoys his budget build and staying stationary, doing the job he loves! He is opening a new restaurant, as well, which is super awesome.

Inside the skoolie you’ll find a large couch (he wanted to be able to take naps on the couch), amazing live-edge counter tops, a huge kitchen sink and a magnetic knife rack with LOTS of knives. He also has a full bed and an office area in the back.

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A Not-So-Tiny Kitchen Worth Coveting!

Restaurant Cook & His Full-Time Stationary Bus Life 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is the story of a family and their small bus conversion. They live and travel in an 18-foot Thomas short school bus. They’re @runawaymusbus on Instagram.

They are a husband and wife with their adopted 10-year-old daughter, legal guardian 6-year-old son, and their puppy. They live and travel all over the United States. They also shared an article called 7 tips to survive van life with kids that you might enjoy. Below is their bus and our interview with them.

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Family’s Short School Bus Conversion

Familys Short School Bus Conversion 001

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This raised-roof school bus conversion is built like a residential home.

Jim & Debbie retired about 2 years ago to get their skoolie up and ready for full time travel.

I think you’ll like this bus conversion; the owners have explained how they did it in the video below. Enjoy!

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Retired Couple’s Raised Roof School Bus Conversion That They Built Like a Residential Home

Retired couple's residential-quality skoolie

Images via TinyHomeTours/YouTube

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This is the story of a family of four (soon to be five) plus their pup who are living in a DIY school bus conversion that they call the Bussalo!

You can follow them on Instagram @theheymoonclub. Here’s what they have to say about living tiny, in a bus, as a family.

When I tell people we are living in a bus I sometimes get the response, “I would go crazy being in a small bus with my kids all day!” So would we! That’s the best part! We designed everything with being outside in mind. Our biggest draw to bus life aside from travel was that our confined living spaces would encourage us to be outside more, enjoying nature. So although I expect to have many great memories in the bus, the real goal is to make a ton of great memories outside of it!

Family of Four (Soon to be Five) Living in a DIY School Bus Conversion

Big Family Moves into DIY School Bus Conversion Tiny Home 001

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This is a remodeled school bus that’s for sale sold.

It’s a skoolie! Asking price was $30,000 OBO.

It has a diesel engine with 97,658 miles on it.

Diesel Skoolie For Sale: Beautifully Renovated School Bus Conversion

Diesel Skoolie School Bus Conversion For Sale 001

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This is the Success Express School Bus Conversion by Charlie Kern of Chrome Yellow Corp.

It’s a beautiful Blue Bird conversion outfitted with solar panels and all!

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The Success Express School Bus Conversion!

Success Express School Bus Conversion by Charlie Kern

Photos © Chrome Yellow Corp

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Selling our Magic School Bus! I bought this bus almost four years ago and have been converting, driving, and living in it with my family every day since. Now I’m selling it as-is with everything you need to move right in and start traveling just as comfortably as we have been. This bus comes with my Honda generator, heavy-duty battery charger and a wired-in battery bank that can keep the fridge running for three days. It even comes with the extension chords to plug it into city electric. It comes with clean sheets for the beds, cookware, and custom made insulating curtains and a shelf full of seasoned fire wood for the wood-stove. This bus has everything plus the kitchen sink!

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This is Marsha’s School Bus Tiny House that’s for sale!

She named the bus Baby Boy. Marsha has enjoyed living in it for almost three years but is now moving on.

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Marsha’s School Bus Tiny House For Sale!

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This is one couple’s school bus tiny home conversion.

And now it’s up for sale with an asking price of $17,500.

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Couple’s School Bus Tiny Home

Couples School Bus Tiny Home 001

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