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Selling our Magic School Bus! Runs Great! Off-Grid, Family, Tiny Home!

Selling our Magic School Bus! I bought this bus almost four years ago and have been converting, driving, and living in it with my family every day since. Now I’m selling it as-is with everything you need to move right in and start traveling just as comfortably as we have been. This bus comes with my Honda generator, heavy-duty battery charger and a wired-in battery bank that can keep the fridge running for three days. It even comes with the extension chords to plug it into city electric. It comes with clean sheets for the beds, cookware, and custom made insulating curtains and a shelf full of seasoned fire wood for the wood-stove. This bus has everything plus the kitchen sink!

It’s a ’95 GMC with a Detroit diesel, 33ft long schoolie from the west coast. Just got to Maine in August so there’s none of the frame rust and deterioration that happens to vehicles here. She starts right up and runs well. Under 142K miles, automatic and if you drive her nice she’ll get 10mpg on the highway. Air brakes & registered as an RV so a special license is NOT required to drive. Heated mirrors, turn signals, brake lights, headlights, all work. Running lights do not. Changed oil, flushed radiator, changed fuel filter, and tranny filter recently as preventative maintenance for a 3,000 mile trip we took. Slows down a little bit going up hills, and has a small oil leak. She’s been parked for three days and there’s no drips on the ground, but if I’m driving a long distance I’ll check the fluids every time I fill up. This bus has big tires, the front two are only a couple months old and I included a picture of a quarter in them for tread measurement. The back has four used tires, two are great and two of which will probably need replaced in the next few years. This rig has great clearance, is made of steel and has the heart of a lion, She frequently takes us miles down a dirt road to find the perfect secluded camp spot, all with our own kitchen and beds.

The inside is a nice home designed for off-grid camping and long-term living with children. The first thing people say when they come inside is, “Wow, it feels so spacious in here!” I went with an open floor-plan that focuses on organized, efficient storage space, and room to play. The floor is a snap-together laminate wood floor, that’s very easy to keep clean (it has also seen three years of wear and tear and has some chips.) The counters are slabs of Walnut that my mom and I sanded by hand and sealed with chemical free tung-oil, very durable to use. It has three forms of heat; a custom built, double-walled insulated woodstove with built in slot for the heat powered circulation fan on top. Or there’s an electric space heater for when your plugged into city power or Geny. Or I have a propane top Mr. Heater. There’s a mini-fridge with a very roomy mini freezer on top. The fridge can run for three days off the batteries or can be plugged into city. There’s standard household light fixtures and electrical outlets, or when trying to conserve battery power you can run just the fridge. There’s one bus seat, with seat belts across from the driver’s seat. Then there’s a staggered kitchen with more counter space than you can find in any motor-home or small apartment. Then a fake-leather couch (very easy to clean) that folds into a full sized bed and has pull out bins for toys. There’s in an open space across from the couch that’s big enough for children to play, or to be a work corner and has a built in cat tree and cat bed near the ceiling. The wheel wells are boxed in and stuffed with insulation, on top of them there’s a set of bunk beds and a floor to ceiling storage cabinet. Past that is the wood-stove and the big bedroom. The bedroom has a queen sized mattress with a full closet’s worth of shelves separated from the rest of the living space. Underneath the bedroom is all storage for tools, and rubber maid bins. The best part about this bus is that you don’t have to “pack up” to drive. Every shelf has a railing, even the wood stove has a welded on holder for the circulation fan.

You can buy the bus with everything, ready to drive and ready to live in for $9,500. Or I’m also listing it gutted for $6,000. Gutted would mean its just the bus and you re-convert anyway you want. If I sold it gutted it would be without everthing like the wood stove, generator, sink and fridge.

My son took his first steps in this bus and now he is 3,000 miles away waiting for me to sell the bus so I can come join him. Serious buyers only. Would consider an Owner carry with half down in cash, credit check, and notarized agreement between us. Call or text Lynne at 707-four nine two-9480. Must be willing to come look in person, no silly long-distance scams.

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  • Michael
    November 13, 2017, 7:19 pm

    It appears well thought although pics aren’t the best. I couldn’t figure out where it is located right now.
    Main question is insulation of metal body which is so important in cold as in hot climate and I guess windows are single pane only. So you will get condensation when living in.
    With some add on you can get a good home on the road when you are willing to maintain an old rig.

  • redfish
    November 14, 2017, 7:04 am

    Thumbs up for the detailed, honest description. Hope you will sell it soon!

  • c
    November 14, 2017, 9:33 am

    Where is the bus located now, please?

  • susan secord
    November 14, 2017, 11:01 pm

    does the cute dog come with? I might consider this bus if you would drop it off in kanab, ut–no baloney–for real!!

  • Storm
    November 17, 2017, 5:24 pm

    How much are you asking for?

    • Sherrie
      June 27, 2018, 4:13 pm

      Do you still have her?

    January 13, 2018, 4:25 pm

    Is there any type of restroom facilities and where is this located, please?

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