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Marsha’s School Bus Tiny House For Sale!

This is Marsha’s School Bus Tiny House that’s for sale!

She named the bus Baby Boy. Marsha has enjoyed living in it for almost three years but is now moving on.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Marsha’s School Bus Tiny House For Sale!

Just a reminder that the belongings pictured do not go with the bus, but the porcelain sink is permanent, and other items inherent to living in the bus do go with the bus. Also, this is a “dry” camper, so no electrical hookups or water/sewer hook ups though they could be easily added. I do run an electrical cord into my bus, but I bring my water in by way of 2 1/2 gallon porcelain coffee pots, and bathe in the sink which empties into a 5 gallon bucket under the sink.


  • Transmission is about three years old
  • Engine has new hoses, seals, in the last two years (runs great!)
  • New injector module in the last 8 months
  • One new fuel injector in the last 8 months (others apparently okay)
  • New brakes all around last year
  • 4 new tires last summer (2 other tires less than two years old)
  • New wiring in exterior lights (All lights work)
  • 2 new batteries one month ago
  • Redwood and plexiglass door
  • Plexiglass operable windows in rear of the bus
  • Complete service (oil, lube, filters, etc.) every 5000 miles by certified diesel mechanic
  • Windows in tack (some do not open)
  • 238,034 mileage at time of writing (1/2 life for a diesel)
  • Does not have A/C, radio, or CC. Must sing with window down on long trips!
  • No oil, water, diesel, or rain leaks at the time of writing
  • Easily does 75 mph for hours down the highway, never overheats
  • Drives well, very comfortable driver’s seat
  • Clear title
  • Asking $8500 OBO
  • First come, first serve

If you’re interested please send a text message to Marsha at 3three6-88zero-3one19. Text only please!

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  • Avatar Annette

    Hi Marsha,
    Good luck with your sale. I’ve followed and always admired your design on this Bad Boy. Can you say anything about the insulation situation? Sounds like it’s perfect for living in warm weathers at any rate.

    • Avatar Marsha Cowan

      There is no passenger seat. This is a bus for a single person. That could be changed, of course. There is nonside awning or screen house. I go to the park and sit and meet friends, and play cards, and such. We like the openness.

    • Avatar Marsha Cowan

      Sorry Annette, I think I answered your question somewhere else.

  • Am I correct in assuming there is no type of passenger seat? Also, is there insulation of any type in the vehicle, in roof or sides? Is there an outside awning or screen house of any type attached?
    Where is the bus located?

    • Avatar Marsha Cowan

      MIt has 2″ in the ceiling and about 1 1/2″ in the sides. The windows are the original single glazed. I use a Mr. Buddy propane tent heater at night, but during the day, the sun keeps it warm. To tell the truth, my life is so active that I am rarely here in the evenings long enough to worry about it. I come home around eight most nights, turn on the heater while I check emails and watch an episode of my latest series, then cut off the heat and go to bed. In the mornings, I turn the heater on and get back in bed while it warms up, about 10 minutes, then get up, eat, dress, turn off the heater, and out the door I go. I usually get to bath during the day, so no heater is needed as it is already warm from the sun. In the warm weather, I put the screen in the driver’s window, open the back three windows, and enjoy the breezes. It’s all in how you like to live.


    Excellent tiny house conversion from a short bus…! I would never have thought it…! Fantastic job really…!

    • Avatar Marsha Cowan

      Thank you, Zachary 🙂

  • Avatar Mary Rex

    I have watched and admired your work on your darling Baby Boy since I first saw your postings. I would like to consider making him mine, but I don’t know how to text on my old style flip phone. Could you send me an e-mail? All the best wishes for your new adventures.

    • Avatar Marsha Cowan

      I have an old flip phone, too. Texting is easy, and there is no time like the present to learn a new trick, right? May save yur life one day. Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

  • Avatar ROSEE

    Wouldn’t mind having a bus like this, hopefully with a bathroom of course!

  • Avatar Anna Marie Sprain

    Marsha, I have followed you and seeing what you did with your little school bus inspired me to do the same. I am still in the build stage but coming along. 🙂 Pray that your next chapter will be a good one. Are you going to settle somewhere permanent?

    • Avatar Marsha Cowan

      Hi Anna, congrats on your current project! Hope it goes well and you enjoy living in it as much as I have enjoyed living in Baby Boy. Yes, I want to settle permanently here in my town in AZ, and so am thinking about a tiny house again, something I wouldn’t drive around town. Lol! Since I started teaching full time in November, I have been driving him almost everyday, and its just not as practical as driving a car, although it is kind of cool to be able to go out to my “house” at school and eat lunch, or change into cooler clothes when the day gets warmer, so it does have its perks. Lol!

      • Avatar Anna Marie Sprain

        Marsha I wish you all the best on the next chapter of your journey. Blessings!!! Thanks for the inspiration you have been!

  • Avatar Sockeye

    Love, love! your bus ! I don’t think I ever found out how long it is? I’m sure it will sell right away! I’m thinking of something about 20ft for 2 of us and I think yours is best suited for one but I adore it and will miss seeing updates on it. I hope we will see your new tiny home.

    • Avatar Sockeye

      I will share your post….would love if someone I know got it!

  • Avatar Ina

    Hello Marsha;

    your short bus conversion is by far the cutest I have seen, anywhere, and as I have been looking into changing from my cute 18 ft travel trailer, that I currently live in full-time, to a short bus, to make travel easier…and what you have done with yours is exactly to my taste….I would love, love, love to buy it, and make it my own (as is) <3
    It's just me and my 2 small pups and would be perfect for this empty nest, single Mom, as I'm embarking on this new chapter in my life (traveling back and forth between my 2 "Gurlz").
    I will send you a text and pray that this cute bus is still available and waiting for me.

    All my best to you on your new chapter.

  • Avatar Adrienne

    Love the bus! Can you tell me the internal width of the bus? (Currently looking at buying a short bus to do a conversion but a bit worried it may be too narrow.)


    • Avatar signalfire
    • Avatar Marsha Cowan

      Adrienns, I know this is late, but just found your question. The bus is 7 1/2′ from side to side.

      • Avatar Sockeye

        Hi Marsha, I guess this is a tribute to the loveliness of your bus but a few weeks ago up in the Canadian west I saw pictures of it being used on Craigslist but with a different year and mileage. I wrote and asked the person what they were doing using your pictures and lo and behold, they immediately took it down. I guess that was some kind of nasty scam artist .

        • Avatar Marsha Cowan

          Oh my gosh! I can’t believe how low life some people can be. How do they sleep at night? I sincerly hope that no one was taken be that scam. Thanks for intervening!

        • Avatar Sockeye

          Yes, I was shocked and wanted to report them to someone who might actually catch them but all craigslist has is a button where you say it is a bad ad and if enough people hit it they will remove it. I was contacting them first to see if it was just someone so lame that they didn’t have a picture (they said the vehicle was not where they were living) and had convinced themselves that it looked close enough (yeah, I guess I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt a little too much ). I don’t know if the police would be bothered to investigate but I will try them if I see another because as you say, someone could have lost a lot of money!

  • Avatar Anna Marie Sprain

    Marsha do you have the bus for sale in Las Vegas on Craigslist? Just saw a link to it on the SOTF website? Let me know if not and I will send the info to you in case it is something like what I just saw above.

  • Avatar Christie Mitchell

    loooove it. want it. is it still available and can you please call or email me info? 405 679-4397 you can text i can access my voice mail so please if you dont get thru text me. thank you. so much for your time. Christie

  • Avatar Ginger Smith

    Hi Marsha,
    How much for your bus?

  • Hello everyone;
    I just wanted to let you all know that I’m the new owner of this lovely Bus. I have been keeping my eye on it since I found Marsha’s listing in April but had a lot of hurdles to climb before I could buy it….and low and behold, when everything finally fell in place only a couple of weeks ago, the Bus was still for SALE and waiting for me in AZ….so, about 2 weeks ago, I rented a car, met the Bus and some lovely representatives of Marsha’s (unfortunately not Marsha herself) in a small town outside of Phoenix, AZ, made the deal and brought him home 🙂 Before coming back to CA, we went on to a quick trip to the Grand Canyon, something that had always been on my bucket list, and now I’ve been living in him and slowly making him mine for the past 2 weeks 🙂
    I can’t thank Marsha enough for all the love and attention she has put into creating such a cozy little space, and everywhere I go, I’m already getting alot of attention. I’m still in the process of making him mine and getting set up (as soon as I find a semi permanent parking spot) and then I’ll be happy to post some pictures. You can also follow my journey on Facebook or Instagram under @TinyNestTravels….and maybe, just maybe one of these days I’ll get around to updating my blog.

    For now I just wanted to let all the readers know that “Little Red” has found a new home and a very happy new owner and to thank Marsha, from the bottom of my heart 🙂

    • Avatar Alex

      Hi Ina, thanks so much for the update and congratulations on getting your bus!!! Looking forward to updates from you. -Alex

      • Avatar Ina

        Thank you, Alex, and I will definitely keep in touch 🙂
        Love your blog and all you’re doing for the Tiny House community.


  • Avatar ellie brown

    I live in pa and my husband and I are retired. love this idea and your tiny house. too bad for us, it’s sold! good luck to new owner. do you know of any for sale. will travel to see. or anyone that would like to rent one for a month this summer? my e-mail” [email protected]. thank you. my name is ellie brown

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