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Shane is retired Air Force, and he and his wife, Patty are enjoying full-time RV life in a campground where they work for the campground in exchange for their camping spot.

That is an awesome way for them to save tons on their living expenses! Now that they are empty-nesters, they were able to downsize and get rid of most of their stuff so they can live a simpler life. And even though they’re stationary for now, they do plan to travel once their son graduates from college.

We had the opportunity to interview the couple about their choice to live tiny and downsize, so be sure to read that Q&A at the end of the photo tour. Check out how amazing their renovation is!

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400 Square Foot RV Renovation: Farmhouse Chic

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Ange was tired of the grind as a NYC architect, and decided to hit the road. She bought “Big Blue,” a 1986 Toyota Dolphin, in January of 2020, and hit the road in May. She faced a lot of ups and downs from water damage, but her resilience allowed her to create an awesome DIY space.

She admits it was a big adjustment going from full-time city life to suddenly being alone with her thoughts without wifi at times! But now she can spend a day alone in peace. Could you travel alone full-time?

Now she’s been able to see so much of the country she wouldn’t have otherwise. Check out her awesome self-built tiny home tour with Tiny Home Tours at the end of the post. You can also follow her travels on Instagram here.

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Getting Used to Being Alone in Her RV Reno

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Leila got a wake-up call when she was diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago. It was then that she and her husband Trevor decided they needed to get out there and travel instead of running the rat race in Southern California.

Both of them work remotely as real estate agents, and Trevor runs a YouTube channel helping agents create great videos of the homes they want to sell. They purchased a vandalized toy hauler and transformed it into an amazing home on wheels, complete with a huge home office!

They travel with their 21-year-old daughter with special needs, and the three of them are loving their home on wheels. Leila worked hard to make sure nothing in the RV felt like an RV, and you’ll see from the tour with Tiny Home Tours below!

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Family of Three Travelling the US in their RV Reno

After A Cancer Diagnosis, They Turned This Vandalized Toy Hauler into a Tiny Home 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Isela and Tyler never planned on living in an RV for four years, but after their first year of saving for a “bricks and sticks” home by living tiny, they realized they loved the minimalist lifestyle and at the moment, have no intention of “upsizing” any time soon.

In fact, when they found out they were expecting a baby, they transformed their half bath in to a baby nursery with a loft! Now the family of three — and their two fur babies — are all enjoying the tiny life together.

Soon Isela will graduate from nursing school and become a travel nurse. As you can imagine, the RV life is perfect for travel nursing! They can bring home wherever they go. Read our Q&A with Isela at the end of the post, and follow the family on Instagram.

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Long-Term RV Living for This Awesome Family

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Leah and Brennan live in Florida on Brennan’s family farm. The unique part? They’re living in their second RV conversion!

Back in 2018, the couple traded their house for a self-renovated 1989 RV, lovingly named The Ramblr. Now they’re in their second RV — a fifth wheel named The Ramblr 2.0 (@the_ramblr_rv), which they plan to take on their travels next year. They only spent $6.5k on their second RV conversion, and really made the place a home. Instead of choosing the trendy decor, they decorated with their own eclectic sense of style and it makes the place all the better!

Thanks to Allison over at Tiny Home Tours, we can take a tour of their tiny home and get to know more about the awesome couple!

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Tiny Florida Life in the Ramblr 2.0 5th Wheel

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Six years ago, Cortni’s life was falling apart: Her father had a stroke, she was trying to save his two faltering businesses (while hardly taking home a paycheck) and her roommates had made new living plans without her…When a family friend offered her a job at his campground, and a fifth wheel to live in, she reluctantly agreed and tried to keep her new “tiny life” a secret.

But in time, she fell in love with living in 350 square feet! She searched for a camper with a layout she loved, and decided to renovate the dingy interior into something a 20-year-old bachelorette would want to own. From there, she had the idea to start renovating RVs for a living with her business partner mom!

The dynamic duo (The Flipping Nomads) has now done 15 complete RV renovations, as well as working on upgrades for nearly 45 other RVs. She was recently asked by Keystone to design and build a concept RV — with pretty much no limitations to her creativity or budget! What an inspiration!

Check out a bunch of amazing before and after pictures below, and a huge thanks to Donald Campbell for sending us this great story.

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Mother-Daughter Duo: Business Partners Renovating RVs (BEFORE Renovation)

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