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This is the Simply Tara tiny house built for a client by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses out of Durango, Colorado.

They were even able to get the clients tiny home approved legally as a detached accessory dwelling unit on their property.

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It’s an 8×26 Tiny House on Wheels Built With Structurally Insulated Panels

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This tiny house on wheels was built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses for a woman in New Mexico. The 24 ft THOW features oxidized rusty metal siding and space for a Murphy bed the owner installed after delivery.

One unique feature of the home is the door that leads into the bathroom, and a bathroom staircase that takes you up to the storage loft. Appliances include a stacked washer/dryer unit and a dishwasher in the kitchen!

You can contact Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses (located in Colorado) here.

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Her 24 Ft THOW with Murphy Bed & Dishwasher

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This may be the tiniest house in the tiniest state in the union! The “Rhode Island Red” was a custom build for a Rhode Island woman and it’s only 14 feet long. Somehow, the experts over at Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes managed to fit everything you could need in this itty-bitty THOW.

Against the back wall is the kitchen complete with a mini oven and fridge and live-edge countertops. Storage stairs curve up to the loft bedroom, and there’s a bathroom in the front. As pictured, it cost about $38,000.

Check out the photos and video tour below, and if you want a similar home you can contact the builder here.

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Professionally-Built 14-foot THOW for $38K

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How would it feel to have all your credit cards, student loans, AND home paid off? Ask Shana! She sold her car and got a second job so she could make her debt-free tiny house living a reality. Now she and her two dogs live happily in a Tiny House Community in Durango, Colorado.

She had her home built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, and spent $50,000 on the build. While the 103.5 square-foot space is tight, it has everything she wanted including hidden appliances, a wood-burning stove, and a custom couch for her and her pups. Allison at Tiny Home Tours shared a fantastic video tour with Shana, so be sure to check that out below!

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She Sold Her Car & Has Zero Debt in Her Micro Tiny House!

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While this isn’t a residential tiny house, it’s still a cool use of “tiny technology” in the real world! The City of Aspen, Colorado was in need of a building to act as a check-point for passengers carpooling (they get a free parking voucher in the city if they carpool from outside the city lines), but because it needed to be easy to move whenever needed, it also had to be self-sustaining and mobile. They needed an off-grid carpool kiosk, and Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses delivered.

Because of the company’s experience with off-grid technology and designing/building itty bitty spaces on wheels, they won the bid with the city and delivered a compact mobile office that can withstand frigid Aspen winters with ease. Inside it has an office area, small kitchenette, and a half bath. The whole thing runs on solar, and is heated with a mini-split system. You can read more about the specifics of the build at Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

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Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses Builds Off-Grid Carpool Kiosk for City of Aspen

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This is the story and tour of the Bradford 26ft tiny house by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

When the financing for one of their customer’s build fell through, it was a bummer because they had already built the shell and it felt like a big waste. Fortunately, a military veteran from northern Idaho contacted RMTH who wanted a very similar tiny house build so they were able to use the shell and customize it for the new customer. Hence, the 26-ft. Bradford THOW that you see here! It’s always nice when things end up working out in the end, isn’t it? With a little extra faith and some effort, you can always turn the tide back your way.

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26ft Bradford Tiny House by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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