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This is the 400-sq.-ft. Foothills Tiny House by West Coast Homes. It was built in Lynden, Washington and is being shipped to Nevada County, California. Check it out right here!

The architect who designed it is Mark Ouellette. It’s a park model design with a main-floor bedroom. What do you think? Is this something that would work for you?

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400-sq.-ft. Bellevue Model Tiny House by West Coast Homes

400-sq-ft Foothills Tiny House by West Coast Homes 001

Images via West Coast Homes

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This is a park model tiny cabin with land in Lawtey, Florida.

The cabin and land are for sale, they’re asking $35k for the unit, or $50,000 for both the land and the tiny home. The house dimensions are 12 x 41 and it was built in 2013. It’s a big tiny house (400-sq.-ft.) with land! What do you think?

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400-Sq.-Ft. Tiny House In Lawtey, Florida For Sale With Land!

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This is a 33′ x 12′ park model tiny house remodel that’s for sale out of Naples, Florida via Craigslist/Fort Myers.

According to the listing, it was remodeled last year. The unit is on wheels and of course needs to be moved to your own property. Take a look! What do you think?

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33-ft. by 12-ft. Wide Park Model Tiny House Remodel in Florida For $22,000

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This is what we would call a big tiny house because it’s a 572-sq.-ft. space with a one bedroom, one bathroom layout built to IRC code featuring a spacious main-floor bedroom.

It can be used as similarly to a park model, accessory dwelling unit, or recreational home. Here’s what the unit looks like built-out, it’s their Sledhaus model. Since Natalie originally featured them in 2017, they have added five other design offerings. Learn more below!

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572-sq.-ft. Sledhaus Tiny House

572-sq-ft SledHaus Prefab Home A Big Tiny House 001

Images via Sledhaus

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This is to announce and show you the XL ONE XL Tiny House from Escape. It’s the biggest ONE XL they’ve ever built and you can see it here (it’s wider, taller, and longer than the standard ONE XL).

There are some photos of it straight out of the factory that you can see below, and also a video tour of it. By the way, if you’re reading this before June 5, 2020, you can save $5,900 on it. More info on that and more below.

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XL ONE XL Tiny House From ESCAPE


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This is a two-bedroom two-bathroom tiny house by Escape. It’s something new that they have never done before and the floor plan features two bedrooms and two bathrooms on the main level. It’s the Escape Mobile Home. This one is now at the Tampa Bay Village which is opening soon. This is a one-off design/build, there’s only one, and it will be available on sale soon.

This tiny home features the quality craftsmanship and style that ESCAPE is known for, but in a larger package for more spaciousness which makes it more practical for a lot of people since it lives like a two-bedroom, two-bath home. It also features a large kitchen, beautiful sliding glass doors, and nicely appointed built-ins and storage throughout. This floor plan just works, doesn’t it? Scroll down below for the full experience, there’s even a video tour. Enjoy!

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The Escape Mobile Home…  A Two-Bedroom, Two-Bath Tiny Home on Wheels! It’s a Park Model Built Like A Cabin



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