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This is the story of a tech entrepreneur who hired Edmonds + Lee Architects in San Francisco to turn this 1960s Airstream Bambi II into a beautifully renovated 80-square-foot stylish mobile office.

The result is stunning. According to Inhabitat, it’s been renamed Kugelschiff which is German for “Bullet Ship”. Pretty cool!

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Rare 1960’s Bambi Airstream Trailer Turned into 80 Sq. Ft. Stylish Mobile Office

Bambi Airstream Trailer Turned Stylish Mobile Office – Image by Joe Fletcher via Edmonds Lee Architects

Images by Joe Fletcher via Edmonds + Lee Architects

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This is the Cornelia Tiny House by New Frontier Tiny Homes. It’s a writer’s secret tiny house in the woods…

It’s so beautiful! And it functions as a writing studio, library, and guesthouse that was commissioned by international bestselling author Cornelia Funke. How do you like it?

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The Cornelia Tiny House by New Frontier Tiny Homes

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This is the 22ft Outcold Tiny House on Wheels by Modern Tiny Living. It’s a mobile coworkspace built for UpWork featuring a unique hybrid garage door/front door. What do you think?

So yes – it’s designed to be used as an office and it’s completely mobile. That’s pretty cool, right? It’s not the first time we’ve seen something kind of like this. A unit like this could also function as an extra meeting space or to take to events. It could be really handy for certain businesses. We’ve even seen a dental office setup like this! So the possibilities are pretty endless. What sort of business do you imagine inside of a tiny house on wheels?

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‘Out Cold’ Tiny House on Wheels by Modern Tiny Living with Unique/Custom Garage Front Door

22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living

Images © Modern Tiny Living

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This is the Newport by Cubist Engineering. It’s an 8’x8′ cube designed to put in your backyard to use as your office.

Inside, you’ve got a 9.5′ ceiling, french doors, and windows to give you the feeling of spaciousness.

What do you think about walking into your backyard to go to work in one of these? Not bad if you ask me! Enjoy and learn more below. Thanks!

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The Newport Backyard Office by Cubist Engineering

© Cubist Engineering

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This is the story of two brothers who built a tiny, portable office for their business brought to you thanks to Faircompanies.

From the outside, you’ll notice board and batten siding, a curved moss roof, and plenty of windows.

When you go inside, you’ll find stone flooring and a nifty desk area with storage cubbies.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Two Brothers Build a Tiny, Portable Office


Images © Faircompanies.com via YouTube

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I don’t consider this a treehouse although it’s a modern micro cabin on stilts (so it’s similar to one).

But Rockefeller Partners Architects call the project and shelter shown here the Banyan Treehouse.

I like the name because it’s like a modern take on the treehouse (using no living trees).

And since the shelter sits 12′ off the ground it still looks and feels like a treehouse.

It’s near downtown Los Angeles and just 170 sq. ft. in size.

The tiny house is built on steel stilts and it has a modern, minimalist and whimsical flair.

Modern, Minimalist & Whimsical Micro Cabin

© Eric Staudenmaier for Rockefeller Partners Architects

© Eric Staudenmaier for Rockefeller Partners Architects

If you want to see the rest if this amazing micro studio on stilts enjoy and share below:

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If you’re a work at home person you might just love this backyard office cabin.

It’s that kind of place where you don’t mind staying for hours and hours on end without interruptions.

I know I’d get a lot of writing, reading and research done in a place like this.

And you can even just become one with nature in this backyard office as you read, write, dream, etc.

Awesome Backyard Office Cabin in London

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I’m excited to show you this modernized shed building system by the Walker Design Build group. It’s called the Flex Shed.

It’s made with SIPs (structurally insulated panels) and is custom designed and built for you by the company.

You can configure it to a variety of sizes so whether you want to live in it, use it as a guest house, or as some kind of hobby room.

When it’s done you receive the structure with wiring, flooring, windows, roofing and even interior built in furniture all done if you want to.


I encourage you to check out the rest of this beautiful little Flex Shed below:

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