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Mobile Coworkspace built for Upwork with Custom Garage Doors/Windows!

This is the 22ft Outcold Tiny House on Wheels by Modern Tiny Living. It’s a mobile coworkspace built for UpWork featuring a unique hybrid garage door/front door. What do you think?

So yes – it’s designed to be used as an office and it’s completely mobile. That’s pretty cool, right? It’s not the first time we’ve seen something kind of like this. A unit like this could also function as an extra meeting space or to take to events. It could be really handy for certain businesses. We’ve even seen a dental office setup like this! So the possibilities are pretty endless. What sort of business do you imagine inside of a tiny house on wheels?

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‘Out Cold’ Tiny House on Wheels by Modern Tiny Living with Unique/Custom Garage Front Door

22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living

Images © Modern Tiny Living

A truly visionary company wanted a mobile co-work space/coffee bar for their business – and we built them something special!

22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living 22ft OutCold Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living

Images © Modern Tiny Living

VIDEO TOUR – 22ft Traveling Office / Coworkspace for UPWORK Built by Modern Tiny Living


We built this spectacular mobile work space/coffee spot for a wonderfully creative and visionary group of people, and we cannot wait to see it after they’ve added their final touches.  We didn’t install the workspace desks and coffee bar itself, as they have their own vision and team that wants to complete it (and our only expertise in coffee is drinking it).
It even has USB outlets every 3 feet around the walls at desk height so people can plug in to work!
So we just gave them the perfect canvas on which they will create their dream office.  It’s going to be a game changer!  So many businesses are finding tiny homes as the perfect office/food truck/coffee shop.  It’s mobile.  You can work anywhere.  It’s focused and keeps the energy together.  We believe we will see a lot more of this in the future.


  • 22ft Trailer Made Custom Insulated Tiny House Trailer
  • White Vertical Metal Siding
  • White Metal Roof (60 Year Warranty)
  • Black Windows
  • Black Insulated 6 ft. x 8 ft. Garage Door w/ Interior Man Door
  • Black Insulated 6 ft. x 4 ft. Garage Door/Window Opening
  • 16 ft. x 6 ft. Fold Down Aluminum Deck (Wrench Powered)
  • 2 Sets of Light Steel Steps
  • White Shiplap Interior Walls
  • Vinyl Wood Flooring
  • Single Closet
  • USB Outlets at Desk Level Every 3 feet around the entire wall
  • 900 Watt Honda Generator w/ Remote Start
  • AC/Heat Combined Unit
  • No plumbing
  • $67,000 as shown


  1. http://www.moderntinyliving.com/outcold.html
  2. http://www.moderntinyliving.com/
  3. http://instagram.com/moderntinyliving
  4. http://facebook.com/moderntinyliving
  5. https://www.upwork.com/

Our big thanks to Robert Hendricks for sharing!

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  • Joyce
    January 21, 2018, 7:43 pm

    I see a shell that could be used for some type of business. One have to spend a whole lot more to make this into a livable home when you consider the cost of kitchen appliances, furniture and plumbing alone. For someone who has the means to spend and improve, this could work. Many of us are thinking ‘back to AFFORDABLE living’ and financing within our means. Buildings like this one make me think of ‘concept cars’–it costs a lot to make the first one and then you have to appeal to the market to make them affordable.

  • Eric
    January 22, 2018, 3:04 am

    @Judith Katss @ Joyce: Did you even read the words? This is NOT a tiny home. This is a shell for a tiny BUSINESS. Totally different requirements.

    Large roller door for easy access into what is to be a coffee shop. Totally appropriate for when customers come and go. And especially in summer when the weather is rather warmer than in autumn or winter. Complete with a single door within the roller door for when the weather is, well stink,. Think windy as! Think rainy as! Plus a small roller door for those buying “coffee to go” so not having to clutter up the inside drinking/eating/working area. This is quite a good example.

  • VL
    January 22, 2018, 5:50 pm

    Sooooo…., I see about, generously speaking, $20,000 worth of material. The $47,000, I’m guessing, is labour, and whatever expenses the builder may have. After that, I have the privilege to spend more money to set it up for whatever it is I’d like to use it for. No thanks. If it’s just an office space, I think it can be done for the $20,000 I mentioned for materials, because I know that it doesn’t have that much in it. If it’s a company and has its own property, one may forego the trailer and make it on skids or on concrete blocks. That eliminates the need for trailer. If it’s for food catering, one can get a fully set up food trailer for that amount. There are many lightly used food trailers on the market for less money. Remember most small businesses fail under two hours of operation.
    Anyhow, the concept might be appealing, but it can be done for far less. I’m sure one can find a local small builder who does sheds. And they can do it for far less and on site.
    I’m sad to see that the idea of tiny homes and useful structures in general have been high jacked by commercial entities. The basic premise of affordability and pioneering spirit went down the toilet.

    • James D.
      January 22, 2018, 10:14 pm

      I’d have to disagree with that sentiment… Unless you think people can’t still build their own or that no one else offers anything else on the market, which is certainly not the case, then products like these don’t hurt anything but offer options people are free to ignore or consider…

      The price isn’t even set in stone because this comes from a custom builder who will built more cheaply if that is what the customer wants…

      Here’s a quote from their website, “*Like all of our models, pricing is dependent upon appliances, finishes, customizations, and materials used. This price could be more, or significantly less, depending upon your specific needs, priorities, and desires. ”

      So they’re completely open to making whatever changes any customer wants…

      The base price is just for how it is shown for what they did for the customer this was made for… The material costs are just higher than $20,000 for what is shown… Just the retractable 16′ x 6′ Aluminum deck with dedicated winch/motor would cost well over $10,000 by itself, for example…

      Those custom insulated glass and aluminum garage door with operable door inset aren’t cheap either and the window next to it is also a similar made garage style custom door/window… Add, even just the trailer chassis is over $5K… Wall unit is a actually a Heater as well as AC and the Honda 9000 Watt Generator add over $6K… Insulation for this size costs a little over $2K… They have outlets with USB ports every few feet around the entire interior perimeter, which is a lot more wiring than you will usually see in comparable size structures, and all the rest and you’re actually looking at over $50K before counting labor and other costs…

      There are cheaper ways to do it, of course, but you have to be aware that some things will cost a lot more than other things and they’re not always obvious or necessarily equivalent… Something like a custom insulated double to triple pane bi-fold kitchen window can cost over $10,000 vs a single pane off the shelf low-e window you can get for around $400… So cost can vary by very large margins but it does mean a difference in things like usability, durability, energy efficiency, etc.

      While things like the roof with the 60 year rated roof is not a cheaply made roof but not having to worry about leaks or maintenance in general for over half a century is an example of the trade off for the price. Since a more cheaply made roof that you would have to repair or even replace every few years will easily end up costing you more in the long run…

      Sure, you can build something with similar functionality for a lot less but not with the same longevity/durability or the same appearance or as light weight for as easy towing…

      A shed can be cheaper, for example, but it will cost you more to move all the time and most aren’t built as strong or to be as long lasting and you typically won’t have things like the retractable fold up deck as an option…

      Thing to understand is that there are always trade offs and reasons for cost differences but not everyone will be equally served by the same trade offs/choices. So there is often a place for a wide range of choices, dependent on what actually best serves a specific person and their specific needs, which can differ by a lot from what other people’s needs may be…

      Really, the point is freedom but you can’t have freedom if you have no choice… Nor can you be more efficient if you can’t choose the best option for a given need and situation…

      This is a niche product but it’s only one of many ways it could be designed and one of many possible ways to use such structures… While there are plenty of other choices out there and no shortage of competition and ways to do it…

      • January 24, 2018, 10:59 am

        James, we really appreciate you “going to bat” for us. You’re totally right about the garage doors, as both the main garage door and smaller window garage door (for serving coffee) were very expensive parts of this unit. Like you said, we build everything to our customer’s wishes, and are always happy to use a more budget-conscious material to fit cost constraints. This customer needed something that was spectacular, and robust enough to handle hundreds of people coming in and out all the time.

        There are a only a few things we can’t budge on from a cost standpoint, most specifically the roof and trailer – we only use the best for those items.

        And of course, we build in enough margin to keep our company alive 🙂 We have no doubt a very handy individual with tons of tools, great connections for raw material discounts, and tons of time, could build this themselves for $25,000 – $35,000 and hundreds of hours of work. People come to us because we can do it in 6-8 weeks, and have a professional team and architect to ensure these homes are robust, roadworthy, and built to stand the test of time. We warranty our work.

        Different strokes for different folks!

  • Sherri Kaylor
    June 8, 2018, 10:13 pm

    One quick question. How much was the larger garage door with the smaller door in the middle? It’s exactly what I’m looking for but don’t know the actual name to get a quote in my area.

    • Gunnar Rocksund
      June 12, 2018, 2:30 pm

      Exactly what I was wondering – thanks for asking first, Sherri! I know this has to be fairly spendy, but it would fit my plans perfectly!

  • Karen Blackburn
    June 12, 2018, 7:28 am

    This would be ideal for the right entrepreneur to use in so many different ways. For example how many trade shows have good quality coffee/snack areas where you can plug in your phone or laptop to work or meet with a client to discuss serious business (I am NOT including shows taking place indoors in specially designed and built arenas but rather those held outside in a showground where a stand is open to the weather and a coffee stand is a food truck) but this could, with little effort and a good home base, be changed to suit different situations by adding/removing tables, chairs/benches, items on offer etc. For example years ago my husband and I used to visit the various agricultural and county shows around the UK where you would be outside regardless of the weather and coffee was from a Thermos or a food truck. This was before mobile/cell phones and laptops. How you would charge things now in a similar case I dread to think, but someone who was forward thinking could easily make money with something like this that could be taken to all the shows we visited plus trade shows, exhibitions, pet shows and the multiplicity of similar events around the country. Sure a food truck is cheaper but equally it doesn’t offer the same service (and in the lashing rain you sometimes just want to go somewhere that is dry) and that is the difference. Twenty years ago if this had been around I would seriously have thought about going into business with one, especially as I know food truck owners who have more work than days available, and both a food truck and this have to be towed the same way, the only real difference is the terrace on the side and that would be a huge hit on a sunny day. I would think it’s worth every cent depending on the eventual intended use, but a similar thing here in Ireland (without the terrace as we get more rain than sun) would be hugely popular at shows.

  • Michael
    September 4, 2019, 8:42 pm

    Its a decent size and there are some great features. I like garage doors to open up limited space. However, they fit better to stern because upper trails are less visible. They can be covered by a fold up porch as shown at the side when under way.. Garage doors allow to put an awning above, add sea reeling type rails and you get a nice shaded balcony. Fold up porches are great, they allow to have same level exit, when paired with awning shaded sitting and cover windows when under way.

    I agree with statements about cost when it comes to transform into a livable THOW. It’s most of the time more efficient to have new builds designed for final purpose from scratch.

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