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The Flex Shed: Your Studio, Office or Micro Home?

I’m excited to show you this modernized shed building system by the Walker Design Build group. It’s called the Flex Shed.

It’s made with SIPs (structurally insulated panels) and is custom designed and built for you by the company.

You can configure it to a variety of sizes so whether you want to live in it, use it as a guest house, or as some kind of hobby room.

When it’s done you receive the structure with wiring, flooring, windows, roofing and even interior built in furniture all done if you want to.


I encourage you to check out the rest of this beautiful little Flex Shed below:


Can you see yourself designing and building a tiny house using a construction system like this?


This particular model would work really well as a backyard office unit.


It’s the perfect place to work, read, and even meet with clients if you wanted to.


It’s a little too small for full time living but with the addition of a loft it can probably be done.


Also they are able to change the size for you so something a little larger can be built similarly too.

walkderdesignbuild-flex-shed-007 walkderdesignbuild-flex-shed-008 walkderdesignbuild-flex-shed-009

Images: Walker Design Build

For more information and photos of The Flex Shed click here.

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