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Whimsical Backyard Office Cabin/Work Shed in London

If you’re a work at home person you might just love this backyard office cabin.

It’s that kind of place where you don’t mind staying for hours and hours on end without interruptions.

I know I’d get a lot of writing, reading and research done in a place like this.

And you can even just become one with nature in this backyard office as you read, write, dream, etc.

Awesome Backyard Office Cabin in London

Inside the Backyard Office Cabin

Backyard Office Cabin Work Shed in London

Glimpse of the Sky

Backyard Shed as an Office with Skylights

Images: Office Sian

Looks like there is plenty of room for a library to store your books in this office cabin.

I love the hidden skylight towards the back of the shed, too. What do you like best about it?


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  • Avatar Rebeccare

    I love this office. I live in a forested area and imagine working on art projects inside. Nice inspirational example.

    • Avatar Alex

      I would love working in it too especially in that setting.

  • Avatar Tina

    Does anybody know how this closes up? I’m looking for ideas for separate work spaces and this is cool 🙂

  • Avatar Glema

    Might try a drop down ramp style you can put some legs on for a porch deck when open Tina 🙂 Good rubber seal so wouldn’t leak though definitely, could even place the opening a bit short of the top so rain wouldn’t be a factor? Just some ideas for you. Best to ask the engineers if these are plausible. 🙂

  • Avatar Jennie Killough (@JennieKillough)

    Perfect writer’s studio. Love it.

  • Avatar Paul from Noo Zilund

    @ Edwin Dueck: One could run venetian blinds underneath the skylight so you could control the amount and direction of the sunlight.

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