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Chad and Paul were living in New York working typical corporate jobs but wanted more out of life. So they began transitioning their work to be remote-friendly, and then decided they ought to do something with their newfound freedom.

While one of them really wanted to live on a sailboat, they settled on van life and purchased the amazing Winnebago Travato RV, which they have dubbed the “Vandelorian.” It has everything including a bathroom, but its most amazing feature is the lithium battery system that keeps them so well-powered off-grid they never even think about conserving it!

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From Corporate NY Jobs to Digital Nomads: Van Life!

Vandelorian: Off Grid Winnebago Travato RV Tour 4

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Remember our story last week about Virginia’s retirement van-life? Meet Madison and Raynor (@vandmvanlife on Instagram), the masterminds behind her off-grid van renovation. This couple created their own solar-powered van and has created a whole business (Ray Outfitters) helping clients in Canada reach their tiny-living dreams.

After finding out the hard way that a 5th wheel RV can’t stand up to Canadian winters, Raynor — a licensed automotive mechanic — outfitted his own van capable of withstanding -40 Celsius temperatures. They’ve lived in this van for two years and are now in the process of building a permanent workshop where they can assist more clients. Be sure to read our interview with the couple below and watch their full van tour to see where they’ve hidden a composting toilet!

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Off-Grid Sprinter Van Renovation (Interview & Tour)

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If you’re looking for some inspiration for living on the road cheaply, look no further than Dylan Magaster because he built an epic life with a $5500 van.

Jenna from Tiny House Giant Journey met up with Dylan, who converted his 1994 G20 van into an off-grid home for less than $5,500 (that includes the cost for the van itself). Because he works online (check out his YouTube channel here), he can make money while traveling coast to coast. Watch his tour with Jenna below to get all the details about his off-grid rig. Enjoy!

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Dylan Magaster’s Cheap Off-Grid Van Life

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