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This is a retirement tiny house that’s in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia built by Tiny Footprint. It’s called the FerneLea. The house offers a 23.5′ by 8′ living area and a 23.5′ by 10.5′ veranda area that more-than doubles living space. It’s very well done.

Outside you have a wheelchair-friendly ramp that leads directly to the motorized entryway. Inside, the bed is on a lift so you can hide it away during the day or when you have company over. Please take the brief photo tour below, watch the full video tour, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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The Perfect Wheelchair-Friendly Retirement Tiny House That’s Affordable to Build and Simple

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This is a one-of-a-kind 33ft tiny home on wheels that’s for sale on Tiny Home Builders out of Burton, Texas.

It was built in 2018 and features approximately 319.5 sq. ft. of space inside.

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Unique 33ft Tiny Home on Wheels For Sale in Burton, Texas

33ft Tiny Home on Wheels For Sale in Burton Texas

Images via Tiny Home Builders/Marketplace

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This is a 24ft caravan-style tiny house on wheels for sale in Virginia.

It’s a one-story layout so no ladders or stairs to a sleeping loft, you sleep on the main floor. I like this layout, how about you?

Please enjoy the tour, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

24ft Caravan-Style Tiny House on Wheels For Sale in Virginia with Main Floor Sleeping

Tiny Front THIS

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This is the Amelia Tiny House on Wheels by My Tiny Empty Nest and Tiny Innovations LLC.

It’s a 24ft one-level tiny home with a downstairs bedroom, full kitchen, bathroom, and closet with washer/dryer hookups.

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24ft Amelia Tiny House on Wheels with Downstairs Bedroom

Amelia Tiny House by Innovate Tiny 001

Images © Mark Sharley

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This is a beautiful 24ft tiny house on wheels with a single level floor plan.

It features 178 sq. ft. of interior space and can be the perfect studio-style tiny home, guest space, weekend getaway, office, or whatever else you’d like.

It’s available now for $35,000 $29,000 out of Pennsylvania. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks.

One-Level 24ft Tiny House for $35k $29k

One Level 24ft 278 Sq Ft Tiny House for 35k 001

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This is Janet’s 254 sq. ft. tiny cottage with a new video tour that she just sent us.

Her home is called the Nostalgia Cottage and it’s built by Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins in Spirit Lake, Idaho.

Admire the pictures and get more details about the home below, and don’t forget to take the tour to see her home in a new light!

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Janet’s 254 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cottage

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This is Jessica’s 16 Ft. MitchCraft Tiny Home.

The itty-bitty build includes some clever storage ideas, including drawers that pull out and become the kitchenette seating area! She has a loft bedroom, a bathroom with shower and composting toilet, and a kitchen with a three-burner stovetop. Enjoy!

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Jessica’s BEAUTIFUL 16 Ft. MitchCraft Tiny Home

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This is the 400 sq. ft. Whidbey Cottage offered by West Coast Homes and designed by architect Mark Ouellette.

This residential park model has a beautiful covered deck and this particular version features an l-shaped staircase to make entry to the loft that much easier (and safer). There’s an additional ground-floor bedroom and faux stone fireplace.

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400 Sq. Ft. Whidbey Cottage by West Coast Homes

Images via West Coast Homes

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This is an incredible Gypsy Wagon Caravan that’s for sale.

It’s newly hand-built and on the market for $16,000.

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Incredible Gypsy Wagon Caravan For $16K


Images via Dixie “Sequoia”

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