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This is a fresh shuttle bus to stealth motorhome conversion with a 7.3L diesel engine and it’s for sale. It was just completed in October of 2019.

The asking price, according to the YouTube video is $30,000 and it’s out of Humboldt County, California. Full tour for you to check out below. Let me know what you think!

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Shuttle Bus Turned Stealth Motorhome for 30k

Shuttle Bus To Stealth Motorhome Conversion For Sale via Robert Braden YouTube 001

Images via Robert Braden/YouTube

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This is the Neuron EV Micro Truck Concept electric vehicle. It’s a multifunctional modular truck that can have a variety of purposes including the potential for motorhome and travel trailer use. I wonder what the range and efficiency of something like this would be.

The Neuron EV STAR is a multipurpose micro truck set to disrupt the market by creating a new wave of electric car culture. Its clean and minimalistic design is reflective of the company’s product philosophy of simply versatile.

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Neuron EV Micro Truck Makes For Great Potential Electric Motorhome/Camper

Neuron EV Modular Electric 2

Copyright © 2019 Neuron EV. All rights reserved.

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This is the Adventure Awaits Motorhome Renovation by All Things With Purpose. They were able to acquire and renovate the camper for a total of only $5,570. You can see the cost breakdown yourself if you want. Amazing, right?

It’s a 29ft 1994 Ford E-Series Class C motorhome that’s been beautifully remodeled (and recently, they sold it after years of traveling and living in it). By the way, they’ve also done many other camper renovations. What do you think, could a motorhome or other RV renovation be in your future instead of a tiny house on wheels?

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Family’s Beautiful 29ft Motorhome Remodel Built For Only $5,570 by All Things With Purpose

Adventure Awaits 94 Ford E-Class Motorhome Conversion 0012

Images © All Things With Purpose

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This is a 1954 Flxible Visicoach Motorhome that’s for sale.

It’s an original Mount Rainier National Park Tour Bus that was converted to a motorhome in 1972. Original blueprints are included in the sale. Learn more below.

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1954 Flxible Visicoach Bus Converted in 1972… For Sale

1954 Flxible Visicoach Motorhome 001

Images © TeamMcKee.com

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This is the Hymer Galileo self-driving camper concept. New Atlas just did a piece about it featuring a fold-out deck. I wonder if there will be an off-road package?

It’s sort of like a self-driving tiny house in a way, isn’t it? Crazy to think… But who knows, maybe someday, pretty soon, something like this will be available, right? Well, not too soon. In the press video, it says year 2030+. Which, hey, that’s not too far off really (can you believe it?). Anyway, check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments. One thing that’s surely coming soon is the concept of a self-driving motorhome! That might be nice for some long days on the road. Do you like the idea of self-driving? Why or why not?

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Self-Driving Tiny House/Motorhome Concept by Erwin Hymer Group (RV Manufacturer)… The Galileo


Images © Erwin Hymer Group

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This is the story of The Griswald. It’s a 24-foot treehouse motorhome by Yogi’s Fine Woodworks.

If you’re looking for a one of a kind rolling tiny home, this could be it. What do you think?

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The Griswald 24-Foot Rolling Home by Yogi’s Fine Woodworks (Look-Out For the Wheel-Barrel-Kitchen-Sink!)

The Griswald 24-Foot Rolling Home by Yogi’s Fine Woodworks 001

Images via Yogis Tiny Homes | Instagram | Facebook

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With stories of people creating their very own all-electric motorhomes and van conversions, it can’t be long before we actually see something like a ‘Tesla Motorhome’ become available, right? In fact, there’s already news of an all-electric VW bus coming back to the United States.

That’s why I’m glad Motor1.com created this now viral rendering. Why wouldn’t Tesla possibly create an all-electric motorhome? And if not Tesla, then why not any other RV manufacturer that can simply use a Tesla Semi or maybe the upcoming Tesla Pick Up Truck as a base?

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All-Electric Tesla Semi-Based Motorhome/RV Coming Soon? Probably…

Tesla Semi RV Render by Motor1-com

Screenshot via Motor1.com

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This is the incredible story of how Joel and Keegan of Route Del Sol built a solar-powered all-electric motorhome in only two months. Incredible, right?

The downfall? Well, even with all of the solar panels, it’s not enough energy to keep moving every day unless you found somewhere to charge directly. Still pretty amazing, though, right?

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All-Electric Motorhome/Van Conversion With Lots of Solar Panels… They Built It In Only 2 Months!

Solar-Powered All-Electric Motorhome via FLORB 001

Image via FLORB/YouTube

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This is the story of Lindsey’s 80-square-foot rolling tiny home. It’s a 2011 Sprinter Van that she and her dad converted into a stealthy motorhome.

They did it together, while she worked part-time, in just under 6 months using about $8,000 in materials. Take a look and let us know what you think below. This is our exclusive interview with her. You will also find a treasure trove of resources on help with converting your own van at the bottom of this page, after the interview. Enjoy!

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Lindsey’s 80-square-foot Sprinter van conversion

How she turned her van into an 80-square-foot rolling tiny home

Images © WhereYouMakeIt.com

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