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This is the Adventure Awaits Motorhome Renovation by All Things With Purpose. They were able to acquire and renovate the camper for a total of only $5,570. You can see the cost breakdown yourself if you want. Amazing, right?

It’s a 29ft 1994 Ford E-Series Class C motorhome that’s been beautifully remodeled (and recently, they sold it after years of traveling and living in it). By the way, they’ve also done many other camper renovations. What do you think, could a motorhome or other RV renovation be in your future instead of a tiny house on wheels?

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Family’s Beautiful 29ft Motorhome Remodel Built For Only $5,570 by All Things With Purpose

Adventure Awaits 94 Ford E-Class Motorhome Conversion 0012

Images © All Things With Purpose

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Zola Molotov, a fire dancer, converted this 24 foot school bus into a functional mobile home on wheels that runs on free waste vegetable oil collected from restaurant deep fryers.

Following a freegan philosophy, she attempted to reuse and scavenge many materials for the skoolie conversion, including the sink and propane stove that were given to her in exchange for demolishing an old trailer.

Zola and a diesel mechanic installed a waste vegetable oil system that allows the bus to run on diesel, or on waste vegetable oil.

Woman Converts Bus into Mobile Home that Runs on Free Vegetable Oil

Zola Molotov's Waste Vegetable Oil Skoolie

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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This 1988 Ford Econoline 350 Short Bus Conversion is a guest post by Lacey Leonard

My name is Lacey Leonard and I am an undergraduate Sculpture Student. This was my tiny house project and I am very excited to share it with you!

The bus is a 1988 Ford Econoline 350 with Short Thomas Bus Chassis. This bus was an undergraduate research project in sustainability, mid-century design, and woodworking. The entire interior is hand built with Virginia barn wood dating 150 years back (some of the pieces go back even further).

The project took about one year to complete and was a collaboration between art students. We designed and executed the bus to be functional and ergonomically through mid-century design. The bus is completely off-grid but has room for personal modifications.

There is a composting toilet, fold-out kitchen counter, stainless steel protected space for the heat source, AC unit, tiny closet, bench storage, sink, and red oak wood floor.

The wood used in the bus is red oak, white oak, chestnut, poplar, pine, birch, walnut, and redwood.

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Students design and build short school bus conversion/rolling tiny home

Students convert 1988 Ford E-350 short bus into rolling tiny home!

Images © Lacey Leonard

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This is Will Hitchcock and Alyssa Pelletier’s custom DIY school bus motorhome who bought the bus for $5,500 and immediately did $2,000 in repairs and maintenance to prepare it for the conversion, according to this article on Houzz.

In total, the couple spent about $30,000 renovating it because they had to strip everything out, add insulation, electric, plumbing, framing, and more (as you’ll see below). Today Will and Alyssa run their business from their school bus conversion while they travel. Pretty inspiring, isn’t it? Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

Adventurous Couple’s DIY School Bus Motorhome

Adventurous Couple's DIY School Bus Motorhome

Images © Alyssa Pelletier
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Here’s a gorgeous 1949 Flxible Clipper Bus to Motorhome Conversion that’s For Sale right now as I write this with an asking price of $149k.

And in this post, below, you’ll get to take a tour of this one-of-a-kind restored bus called the Starliner.

It’s the perfect motorhome for full-timing RV living. But it’s also great to use seasonally, for vacations, or even just for weekend traveling.

But if you’re like me, you can’t help but wonder what it would be like living tiny in it while moving around the country. It would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

Either way, please enjoy this beautiful 1949 Flxible Clipper “Starliner” motorhome, re-share it below, and learn more about it too. Thank you!

1949 Flxible Clipper Motorhome For Sale


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Landscaper James Lawler converted the back of his Toyota Prius into one of the tiniest of mobile homes of all time for one. And it’s a hybrid, too! He built it using scraps he scavenged and reclaimed himself. All in all, the tiny home cost Lawler about $150 and took him one week to build.

Complete with a tin roof, chimney, and stained-glass window, the DIY hybrid “motorhome” was used as Lawler’s sleeping quarters for the Meredith Music Festival in Victoria. While others were forced to “rough it” outside in tents, Lawler enjoyed his home on wheels saying, “it’s quite well insulated in there and more comfortable than a tent.”

Although Lawler did get fined by local police, he stands by the fact that the tiny mobile home is roadworthy and safe. His creation is due to come down at some point, however, Lawler has a new plan for a caravan that is a bit more watertight. And we can’t wait to see it!

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Man Builds DIY Prius Tiny House

He Built a Tiny House on his Prius...

Images © Mitch Bear/Herald Sun

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Right now I’m showing you an off grid bus motorhome that was rebuilt from scratch which took about 9 months to do according to this article. It was built for people who crave adventure. Whether you crave the thrill of extreme sports, capturing the perfect photograph, hiking to a summit at sunrise, or even playing tourist for a day, the La Chanchita bus will not only get you there, but serve as your personal “hotel on wheels”.

Imagine traveling in a lovingly restored 1966 Mercedes-Benz bus. Before its transformation, La Chanchita was a city bus in Buenos Aires in the 1960s. Manu Fombeurre, the brainchild behind La Chanchita, dreamt of “being able to take the world on the discovery of the continent”.

La Chanchita now serves as a home away from home with amenities that include sleeping for up to five, a fully equipped kitchen, a shower and toilet, water, electricity, and a cozy wood burning stove.

Your adventure begins in San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina with complimentary airport or bus station pick up. With La Chanchita, you’ll be able to access those out of the way spots in comfort.

This is not your typical vacation – expect a life changing journey with La Chanchita!

Off Grid Bus Motorhome to Take Your Vacation on the Road


Images © Chanchita Bus

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From the outside, you might not even be sure what it is at first. The best way I can describe this one of a kind motorhome is a mashup of an Airstream, a pitched roof house, and a bus.

Joe, the owner/builder/dweller, has had a normal house before. But today, he doesn’t see the point. So he lives a minimalist lifestyle in this self-built and designed motorhome.

Man’s Creative Minimalist Housing Solution: DIY Motorhome


Images © UnlikelyLives.com

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I had to share this 1951 Federal Housetruck Motorhome with you that’s for sale ($69500) and currently listed on Craigslist in the Milton, Washington area which is about 3 hours away from Portland, Oregon.

The truck cab was completely restored beginning around 2003, then the tiny home was built onto it and it was completed in 2008. It’s a 5 ton truck.

The overall length of the motorhome is 30′ and it has a width of 8’3″. When parked and the pop outs are out it’s 14′ wide which is nice because you get all that extra valuable space inside. Overall height is about 11′ tall so you won’t need any special permits to drive it. In total it weighs about 24,000 pounds. Enjoy the tour and full description below. If you’re interested, and it’s still available, use the Craigslist ad to contact the owner. Thank you and enjoy!

Our biggest thanks to Debbie Gannon for sharing this one with us!

1951 Federal Housetruck Motorhome Conversion For Sale


Images © Craigslist

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