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Man Living in DIY Motorhome That Will Definitely Wow You

From the outside, you might not even be sure what it is at first. The best way I can describe this one of a kind motorhome is a mashup of an Airstream, a pitched roof house, and a bus.

Joe, the owner/builder/dweller, has had a normal house before. But today, he doesn’t see the point. So he lives a minimalist lifestyle in this self-built and designed motorhome.

Man’s Creative Minimalist Housing Solution: DIY Motorhome


Images © UnlikelyLives.com

mans-minimalist-diy-motorhome-002 mans-minimalist-diy-motorhome-001

Images © UnlikelyLives.com

See more images of Joe’s minimalist motorhome and read the original article over at UnlikelyLives.com.

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  • Avatar Sally Schrock

    Wow! This is a unique departure from what’s considered a ‘normal’ tiny house dwelling, and beautifully thought out and constructed. I could definitely live in this one. It is so unique that it is in a class all by itself!

  • Avatar Marsha Cowan

    I have seen this one before and am still picking my jaw up from the ground. It is soooo cool! The window design alone is like no other I have ever seen and is so beautiful and practical both. Really nice!

  • Avatar Michael

    I am a big fan of geometric designs but this one looks ugly and has high power to wind ratio when on the road, it waists the space behind the cubicle.
    In short I don’t like it.

  • Avatar Liz

    Thank you, Michael! That is one of the ugliest homes I’ve seen and good luck driving that thing anywhere.

  • Avatar Honk

    Nothing shown to comment on. Everything is probably crammed to the other side, which is not shown. The bathroom is probably non existant, because it is not shown.

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