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From the outside, you might not even be sure what it is at first. The best way I can describe this one of a kind motorhome is a mashup of an Airstream, a pitched roof house, and a bus.

Joe, the owner/builder/dweller, has had a normal house before. But today, he doesn’t see the point. So he lives a minimalist lifestyle in this self-built and designed motorhome.

Man’s Creative Minimalist Housing Solution: DIY Motorhome


Images © UnlikelyLives.com

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I had to share this 1951 Federal Housetruck Motorhome with you that’s for sale ($69500) and currently listed on Craigslist in the Milton, Washington area which is about 3 hours away from Portland, Oregon.

The truck cab was completely restored beginning around 2003, then the tiny home was built onto it and it was completed in 2008. It’s a 5 ton truck.

The overall length of the motorhome is 30′ and it has a width of 8’3″. When parked and the pop outs are out it’s 14′ wide which is nice because you get all that extra valuable space inside. Overall height is about 11′ tall so you won’t need any special permits to drive it. In total it weighs about 24,000 pounds. Enjoy the tour and full description below. If you’re interested, and it’s still available, use the Craigslist ad to contact the owner. Thank you and enjoy!

Our biggest thanks to Debbie Gannon for sharing this one with us!

1951 Federal Housetruck Motorhome Conversion For Sale


Images © Craigslist

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This is a rare 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado GT RV Motorhome which I think is a pretty awesome/unique car camper.

It’s V-8 powered and inside you’ve got a:

  • bathroom with shower,
  • kitchen with big sink, stove and fridge,
  • cabinets for storage,
  • and a wardrobe closet.

It can sleep 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids.

1970 Oldsmobile Toronado GT RV Motorhome


Learn more and take the complete tour (inside and out) below:

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I usually show you tiny houses on wheels but today I’m showing you a modern truck RV/motorhome by MCM Design. Besides that I also like to share teardrop campers and other RVs with you too.

So today I ask you the question, “would you rather go with a modern motorhome like this… Or a tiny house on wheels?” Have a look below first and then decide. I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments at the bottom on what you’d prefer.

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Modern Motorhome vs Tiny Houses

MCM Design Motorhome Tiny House

I think this motorhome is so well designed that I wondered if some of us would consider something like this over a tiny home on a trailer?

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The Fieldsleeper is a unique motorhome designed by a company named Tonke. I found out about these gorgeous campers thanks to the famous Lloyd Kahn over at his blog. By the way, Lloyd’s recently released his latest book, Tiny Homes: Simple Shelters, that you can order now through Amazon.

But anyway you’re here to see the Tonke Fieldsleeper 1 Camper because it’s that AMAZING motorhome that DETACHES from itself. Pretty smart concept! And the exterior has a very yacht-like style. It’s very cool! If you like mahogany and gloss, you’ll LOVE this…

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Tonke’s Fieldsleeper Detachable Motorhome Tiny House / Caravan

Tonke Big Blue Fieldsleeper Detachable Motorhome slash Camper from HollandPhotos Courtesy of Tonke Campers

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The Kangoo is a small panel van / leisure activity vehicle made by Renault the French automaker. It’s been in production since 1997 and sold in places like Latin America, Europe, France, and Sweden.

In some models the rear seats and even windows can be removed. This feature became popular for customers who use wheelchairs.

This is an example of somebody who took this vehicle and turned it into a tiny motorhome / camper.

I’m pretty impressed with the conversion. Notice the storage racks up top and the attention to detail just about everywhere.

I’m sure this can be done with the newer Ford Transit Connect in the U.S. — it’s only a matter of time before someone does it if someone’s already not!

Kangoo Tiny Motorhome Conversion Kangoo Tiny Camper

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