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Long before #vanlife or tiny living were Instagram-worthy pursuits, Mike was in Africa living out of an overlander. He has converted 3 separate rigs of his own since then, using them to travel all over — and he loves waking up in his own bed with his own things no matter where he goes.

This rig was a military vehicle with only 5,000 miles on it when he purchased it. He spent $18,000 on the vehicle, and another $75k or so converting into the ultimate overlander. You’d never guess from the bright orange exterior that the inside has a cozy farmhouse vibe! Enjoy the tour below.

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He’s Been Driving the Globe in Overlanders for Years!

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Now here’s something you don’t see everyday. This couple bought and converted a M1087fmtv (a military vehicle) into their tiny house on wheels — it’s the only vehicle of its kind in civilian possession (at the time of publication). And it’s incredible!

The slide-outs give them 14 feet of width inside, and they installed an amazing electric elevator bed so there’s no climbing or stairs. They chose a sparse, industrial decor inside, but it’s exactly what they wanted and fits their personalities. They didn’t sacrifice on a bathroom either — they have a large standing shower and a toilet.

They chose this vehicle because it can go where RVs can’t, and they are enjoying living fulltime going to hard-to-drive locations and seeing nature. Check out the full video tour from Tiny Home Tours below.

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Check out the Slide Outs and Elevator Bed in This Vehicle!

Bantha: Full-Time Overlanding in a 6×6 Military Vehicle 7

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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